Butter London Wink Mascara Review & Swatches

Butter London Wink Mascara Indigo Punk

Oh hello colored mascara! You’re trending at the moment so Butter London Wink Mascara arrives just in time to hit that trend up hard and dye your lashes stunning shades of purple, lime green, and other vibrant shades.

Are you embracing color lashes for the Fall?

Butter London Wink Mascara

As you know Butter London hit the makeup world recently with a selection of cosmetics for eyes, lips, and cheeks! One of those products released with their new makeup collection was the Butter London Wink Mascara ($20) available in four vibrant shades and two traditional black brown shades.

I need to get my hands on the black and brown because I sure did like what the purple (Indigo Punk) did for my lashes. The mascara is a little dry but thankfully lightweight without leaving my lashes crunchy or stiff. You can use it on your lashes OR your brows like the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Hypercolor Brow And Lash Tints (not that I’m going to go around with purple brows anytime soon but I like having the option).

Butter London Wink Mascara Fall 2013

Butter London Wink Mascara Swatches

The oval shaped brush performs surprisingly well to bring lashes up and out for length and a fair bit of volume as well. The color isn’t terribly pigmented at first pass but a build up of at least three passes will get your lashes a lovely shade of violet! It wears without smudging or fading on my drier eyes and might I say it looks all kinds of funky when paired up with a smoky eye look!

If you’re getting on board the color lashes trend you likely won’t find a better formula to get your lashes a fabulously vibrant shade! Only thing I’d change is the $20 price tag, shave that down to say $14 and it would rock my world hard.

Butter London Wink Mascara After
Available exclusively at Ulta and Ulta.com

You into it?


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  • 9/10/13 21:56 Sara:

    Ooo, love the purple lashes! I’ve been wanting to try out a colored mascara but I’m hoping for a drugstore option. I really want to try purple or green, and the Mark Avon one I tried that was “evergreen” doesn’t really show up on my lashes.


  • 9/10/13 22:16 Kathy:

    Yes, I’m into it.

    I’m going to check this out. I wore blue mascara back in the 80’s and loved it. I find that the color shows up better if I swipe on a white mascara primer first.


  • 9/10/13 23:42 Chelsea:

    Wow! Usually colored mascara isn’t so vibrant! The length looks good too!


  • 9/11/13 0:01 Quinctia:

    I hemmed and hawed and put this down. And while the shade is a little more complex than other purple mascaras, I just grabbed the new Rimmel one and it shows up really well on my lashes, which are about as dark as yours.


    • 9/11/13 9:45 the Muse:

      I tried the black one from rimmel but didn’t like it….glad to know the colored one is a bit better!


      • 9/13/13 23:24 Quinctia:

        I don’t expect colored mascaras to have the awesomest of formulas, necessarily, more of an average fit-all formula like when Maybelline releases colored Great Lash ones. But the pigmentation was good, and the mascara was averagey without being flakey or anything, so it’s a good colored drugstore mascara, haha.


  • 9/11/13 3:25 Camille L:

    Wow! Looks cool!


  • 9/11/13 6:16 Cheryls:

    Pretty good for a colours mascara. But in general I only find black mascara flattering. The blacker the better.


  • 9/11/13 9:56 Ashley:

    I cringe when you say it made ur lashes dry, any who the swatch of it reminds me a lot of Lancome’s eyeshadow called drama. Have to say the color payoff is a beautiful shade of purple.


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