Cover FX CC Cream Time Release Tinted Treatment Review & Swatches

Cover FX CC Cream

Cover FX CC Cream Time Release Tinted Treatment ($45) is the newest CC Cream to pop up for Fall. Cover FX CC Cream is bound to bring up some conversation in the beauty world as the brand is known for their highly pigmented foundation products. I’m surprised they didn’t decide to do a BB Cream rather though as CCs are less pigmented and sheerer.

However, obviously no worries there because the new Cover FX CC Cream Time Release Tinted Treatment packs pigment.

Take a look!

I feel like I’m in the Last Crusade because I so choose poorly with my shade.

I selected N Medium but I did so via online swatches which isn’t something I suggest doing. A product like Cover FX CC Cream Time Release Tinted Treatment is an in store product purchase. So I do recommend heading to Sephora and be fitted with your shade as you can use Sephora’s Shade IQ to make your selection or you can swatch and play with the colors to get the one most suitable and closest to your tone.

The product comes in nine shades which is a bit of a cut back from the regular round of Cover FX products which feature over 25 shades to choose from. I actually expect a CC Cream to self adapt so nine shades is quite generous for a CC Cream product.

I think if you’re not used to Cover FX products the amount of coverage and the thickness of this product can prove shocking. I’d recommend this type of product for those who have darkness, redness, or who might even have a birthmark that needs covering. This is quite pigmented with a thick, creamy, and sometimes dry formula. Prepping is key if you want the best coverage possible. Moisturizer, followed up with primer will set the perfect stage for those with drier skin. If you don’t prep well you’ll find coverage looks less than natural and the product will accentuate drier areas. For oily skin you’ll love the semi-matte finish as it creates soft matte finish which curbs the production of oil and keeps skin shine free. I apply very little, smaller than a dime size amount, and this does my entire face. More than that and you’ll feel like coverage isn’t breathable and you might look too made up as well. A brush also helps in application! Believe me I’m a finger application girl all the way but a brush will help thin the product out and give an airbrushed finish and with a formula as thick as this that’s exactly what you want.

My shade was too peach unfortunately so I can’t speak on the brightening abilities but once applied correctly it provides a soft finish that will likely hide many common flaws. This also contains Retinoid-like ingredients with anti-aging benefits so you’re doing your skin a favor as you wear it. It’s also packed full of Vitamin C that aids in hyperpigmentation. I’ve only about two weeks now so I can’t say if that actually helps or not.

Cover FX CC Cream Time Release Tinted Treatment Swatches

Cover FX CC Cream Swatches

I find the wear time is excellent. I can get a solid eight hours of wear without even setting it. It lasts well in warmer, humid weather as well!

Cover FX CC Cream Time Release Tinted Treatment is the type of product that needs care and attention to look its very best so if you have that time and are looking to achieve flawlessness this might just be an ideal product for you. It isn’t a traditional Asian CC Cream that much is true and if anything it’s more of a BB Cream style formula but none the less it provides excellent coverage for those who really are uncomfortable in their current skin be that due to redness, acne, acne scarring, etc…..this gives the illusion of perfect skin with plenty of coverage to hide imperfections.

It’s available now on counters or at Sephora and

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  • 9/19/13 19:04 Sarah:

    Definitely gonna get a sample of this! I have a lot of hyperpigmentation left over from a few months of bad breakouts and I am so sick of them. I can never achieve a flawless face and no foundation seems to pack enough coverage.


    • 9/19/13 22:52 Elena:

      Hi, Sarah. I’ve had breakouts and a lot of scarring too. Nadinola and Alpha Hydrox Intensive Serum really helped with my hyperpigmentation.


  • 9/20/13 19:45 Ming:

    Hi, Muse. What brush did you use to put this on?


    • 9/23/13 9:20 the Muse:

      the mac 187


  • 10/4/13 9:52 Liz:

    Thanks so much Muse for this review!! I’ve been hearing SO much about this CC cream. I think I’m going to take the plunge and get this lol. Love ya pretty lady! xx


    • 10/4/13 10:25 the Muse:

      my pleasure liz :) I hope you like it let me know what you think!


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