E.LF. Essential Glitter Primer Duping Too Faced?

E.LF. Essential Glitter Primer

Meet the new E.L.F. Essential Glitter Primer ($2) a potential dupe for Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue Eye Shadow Primer? Maybe…would kinda be cool if it was as Too Faced charges $20 bucks for their version!

E.LF. Essential Glitter Primer is supposedly a lightweight liquid (looks more like an eye cream) that absorbs quickly and creates a crease-proof barrier between skin and glittery eyeshadow so it stays put without creasing or fading.

E.LF. Glitter Primer

This little guys is available now at www.eyeslipsface.com

Do you think it’ll work?

And do YOU need it for your glitter shadows?

  • 9/10/13 19:24 Kimryan8:

    I’ll start off by saying Elf is crap. I’ve never liked anything except a couple of brushes ’cause they are cheap. I like their foundation brush because its so cheap you can throw it away after a couple months when it gets gross.

    But, for glitter glue, I usually put my UDPP first, then eyeshadow, then I use the Too Faced Glitter Glue patted in the corners over that. I’d actually buy and try this because I would be using it over the UDPP and initial eyeshadow. Hmmm. Maybe I’ll try this.


    • 9/11/13 10:08 the Muse:

      elf is hit and miss! found some great stuff but a majority is def a miss in most cases :( really depends!


    • 10/6/13 13:55 carla:

      Eu amo a Elf. Apesar de morar no Brasil e ter por aqui, sempre dou um jeitinho de comprar online. Amo amo a ELF


  • 9/11/13 0:35 Shea:

    Looks pretty interesting. I might have to try it to see how well it’ll help my glittery eyeshadows. Their normal eye primer works really well for me, I was so happy about it.


  • 9/11/13 2:09 Maggie:

    That’s intriguing. Just like with anything else I’d put on my face, I’d like someone else to try first.

    Question: does the TFSI glitter glue work?


    • 9/11/13 10:10 Ruth:

      TFSI glitter glue works great! I used it for loose shadows and the return of sexy pallet


  • 9/11/13 7:04 cilla:

    I’ll stick to my pixie epoxy methinks 😛


    • 9/11/13 9:30 Melissa:

      Same here! This seems to be more of an attempt to copy Fyrinnae Pixi Epoxy than it does a regular primer. TOTALLY different formulas/applications. :)


  • 9/11/13 12:40 Claudia:

    I will have to try. I love my fyrinnae pixi epoxy. Also have used Too Faced glitter primer.


  • 9/11/13 20:28 Marielen:

    Looking at the ingredients, this is basically a moisturizer that might be slightly sticky. I don’t think it’ll hold onto glitter any better than just primer.

    I really want to get pixi epoxy, but in the meantime I’m using a wee bit of eyelash glue with the glitter patted on top. Works like a charm, doesn’t come off until you want it too.


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