Julep Wizard of Oz Nail Collection for Fall 2013

Julep Wizard of Oz Nail Collection
Off to see the wizard? Take Julep Wizard of Oz Nail Collection with you my pretties! The Wizard of Oz’s Anniversary on the horizon apparently means everyone and their mama in the beauty world wants in on creating that special limited edition item for fans of the story and movie. Philosophy has their little piece of the action in the form of shower gels and Julep gets the nails down.

Now who wants to create a palette for me?

Julep Wizard of Oz Nail Collection Fall 2013
The Julep Wizard of Oz Nail Polish Collection comes in a cute printed Wizard of Oz Box and includes for shades of polish inspired by the Wizard of Oz.

You get:

  • Ruby Slippers (ruby red full coverage glitter)
  • Emerald City(emerald green creme)
  • Tin Man (silver holographic)
  • Glinda the Good Witch (ballet slipper pink frost)

The fact they didn’t include a flying monkey shade means I shall shun this collection! Booo!

Only kidding…!

Do love, if I was a nail girl…!

Available now at QVC.com

  • 9/4/13 11:30 Jane:

    What no yellow?


    • 9/4/13 11:30 the Muse:

      lol valid point!


  • 9/4/13 11:39 amy:

    Emeral City should be a shimmer; as a creme, it brings to mind The Wicked Witch. I agree with the comment above, as well-there *should* be a yellow, and a purple (for the horse in the beginning, as it’s the first tangible image when the film turns to color!).

    I’ll likely pass on this, though. If I can’t find it in-store, it doesn’t seem worth the hassle for only 4 shades, although Ruby Slippers is tempting!


  • 9/4/13 12:52 Cindy Ramirez:

    Love this! I feel like the OPI Oz collection they did a little while back for the movie was such a let down, this makes me much happier. 😀


  • 9/4/13 13:59 Ember Darling:

    I definitely thought there would be a yellow. I really like all these though! I may have to get it.


  • 9/4/13 14:46 Debster:

    Shun the nonbeliever shuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!


  • 9/4/13 19:56 Steph:

    China glaze did an Oz collection a few years back. And their ruby slippers color is awesome and less expensive. If you can find it


  • 9/4/13 21:23 Natalye:

    These colors are great! I really didn’t like the OPI shades for Oz the Great and Powerful, they were so dull.


    • 9/5/13 10:18 Cindy Ramirez:

      Not to mention the “Taco” glitter. :'[


  • 9/4/13 23:12 Ashley:

    Steph is right! China Glaze did make a Ruby Slippers. I bought it at Sally’s beauty supply. I’ve never used it, but its really pretty when layered over a solid base coat of red!


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