Lancome Artliner 24 Hour Precision Point Eyeliner for Fall 2013

Lancome Artliner 24 Hour Precision Point Eyeliner

They’ve been done before but Lancome hasn’t done ’em! Meet the new Lancome Artliner 24 Hour Precision Point Eyeliner which are available an array of colorful shades for the Fall 2013 season.

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I look at Lancome Artliner 24 Hour Precision Point Eyeliner ($30) and think that a few years ago they’d never consider releasing such a wide array of colors like purple, emerald, and even turquoise in a product like this. But Lancome is a changing and it seems it gets more youthful as time goes by. Some of their newest products are definitely edgy and should cater to older and YOUNGER makeup fans. This isn’t your grandma’s makeup anymore peeps.

These new liners have a precise felt tip for easy application with a shiny finish that’s vinyl-like. The formula promises a flake, fade, and feather free existence on your eyes.

Lancome Artliner 24 Hour Precision Point Eyeliner Fall 2013


  • Black Diamond
  • Chrome
  • Turquoise
  • Amethyst
  • Copper
  • Emerald
  • Gold
  • Jade
  • Sapphire
  • Silver

Each one is $30 and they are available now at Lancome and

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  • 9/12/13 22:43 Chelsea:

    I remember playing with the waterproof LE Artliners when I worked there (there was a gorgeous turquoise for the summer collection), and that stuff was impossible to get off, so hopefully this wears as long but doesn’t leave you with a turquoise stain afterward!


  • 9/13/13 9:33 Ashley:

    These are super pretty!!!!I swatched them on my hand one day shopping. The jade, and silvery blue and copper they were all pretty think they should come out in a set of all of them for $200, I’d buy em all. for sure and I usually don’t like liquid eyeliner but these are so pretty I’d reconsider.


  • 9/25/13 18:17 Maria:

    Here’s the thing; I love the ones that I have, but some of their past colors (the dark brown and coppery ones) gave me a reaction on my eyelid! No bueno! I don’t know if I want to try these.


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