Lavshuca Hand Figure Veil Review

Lavshuca Hand Figure Veil

Lavshuca Hand Figure Veil is a new hand and nail cream that launched last Winter during the Holidays. As it is getting cooler now I thought Lavshuca Hand Figure Veil should come out of its drawer and onto my desk to keep my hands pleasantly scented and moisturized.

Take a peek!

Available in three variations Lavshuca Hand Figure Veil is a cute little hand and nail cream formulated with sweet almond oil and silk and pearl essence. They have a Fresh Vacance version which is fresh and fruity, a Fairy Wood formula which is a relaxing green scent, and the version I have here, Sweet Lollipop, like the Lavshuca blush, which has a sweet floral scent.

If you’re familiar with Sweet Perfume Cheek Blush this is basically the same scent. It has a sweet, fruitiness that’s fresh and quite delightful. Although I wouldn’t say it’s a true candy/lollipop scent I think it might remind you of a lollipop fragrance a little bit.

The texture is a lighter thinner cream which absorbs easily into skin. A little bit doesn’t do much for drier hands but apply a dime size amount and it does indeed deliver some nice hydration to skin without being sticky or greasy. My drier cuticles appreciate the extra moisture greatly!

The only problem for me is it is a smaller size and considering it is available in Japan and a few select Asian countries means we have to shop it online. This translates as a higher price from online shops and the 35g size just isn’t worth the hassle unless you decide to buy it in bulk as if you chronically apply hand cream I see it disappearing within a week’s use.

It is rather nice to have in your desk drawer though for very small touch ups or in a makeup bag for travel.

Aside from the size the hand cream itself is fairly cute and worth a try if you can get it at close to retail prices. carries Lavshuca products.

Anyone try this?

Do share!

What’s your favorite hand cream?


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