MAC Antonio Lopez Mirror Review

MAC Antonio Lopez Mirror

The MAC Antonio Lopez Mirror is a new accessory launching in the MAC Antonio Lopez Collection which is a collaborated collection with fashion visionary, Antonio Lopez who is know for his illustrations. Antonio’s designs quite remind me of artist Patrick Nagel’s legendary cover design for Duran Duran’s Rio album.

Let’s take a look at the MAC Antonio Lopez Mirror!

The MAC Antonio Lopez Mirror is available for a limited time and is $25. As far as MAC’s LE mirrors go I think this might be the poorest design in terms of practicality. If you’re purchasing as a collector’s piece it’s quite lovely. It’s a square shape with a velvet lining back and a slightly raised hard plastic which depicts one of Antonio Lopez’s lovely illustrated ladies. Around the plastic you’ll find more velvet framing the plastic design. This is a dual sided mirror so one size gives you the standard view and the other a magnified view.

MAC Antonio Lopez Mirror 1

MAC Antonio Lopez Mirror 3

Unfortunately MAC doesn’t give you a sleeve of any kind to hold it in so tossing it in your bag and going isn’t a wise choice as the velvet lined back is a magnet for lint and grime. As a collector’s piece it’s quite lovely especially if you love the artist who worked on it. But as a practical makeup mirror I think it’ll be difficult to tote around with you for touch ups. The velvet lined backing makes it a difficult piece to carry around and I find myself thinking it’ll 1. wear away at some point and 2. collect lint and general ick in a very short time making it not so pretty to look at anymore.

MAC Antonio Lopez Mirror 4

In the end this mirror is purely a collector’s piece so I wouldn’t recommend purchasing just because you love the design!

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