MAC Prolong Wear Paint Pot (2013) Review & Swatches

MAC Prolong Wear Paint Pots

You either love ’em or you hate ’em but MAC Prolong Wear Paint Pots are hear to stay. The MAC Prolong Wear Paint Pot is incredibly confusing for me as they are simply MAC Paint Pots…I mean MAC didn’t really reformulate them as far as I know but simply tacked on Prolong Wear to the name.

But fact is they can be mighty handy little makeup pieces to have around.

Take a peek at some of the new shades released this Fall!

The last time we saw the MAC Prolong Wear Paint Pot was Spring 2013 but MAC went ahead and introduced a new selection of shades for the Fall 2013 season. I recall hating Paint Pots with a passion the first time I tried them but they are the type of product to grow on you.

Housed in a glass jar that keeps them fresh and creamy these slightly dense shadows can be worn alone or as a base for loose pigments, powders, or eyeshadows. I think my main issue when I tried the original round of MAC Paint Pots was the lack of creaminess as I didn’t expect the product to be this dense. However, they do warm up and are quite an excellent product if you’re willing to put the effort into using ’em. Believe me I hated cream shadows several years ago but sometimes cream is so incredibly mess and fuss free that it’s worth having them around for quickie makeup looks.

I’m sorry but the name is misleading to me as MAC simply added in Prolong Wear but nothing major has changed about the formula. I can get around six to eight hours of wear out of the formula alone or as a base for another eyeshadow. It really depends as the wear varies from shade to shade for me. I find some are budgeproof where as others like to crease a bit. The four shades I tried out all had a solid seven hour wear before showing slight creasing.

MAC Prolong Wear Paint Pot Swatches

 Layin’ Low, Stormy Pink, Perky

MAC Prolong Wear Paint Pots Camel Coat

Camel Coat

MAC Prolong Wear Paint Pots Layin' Low

Layin’ Low

MAC Prolong Wear Paint Pots Perky


MAC Prolong Wear Paint Pots Stormy Pink

Stormy Pink

As I mentioned above the formula use to drive me crazy but if you swirl a brush into the pot, swipe that brush on the back of your hand and proceed to warm the color up it becomes far creamier and easier to apply. They blend out fairly easily and create a solid base for powders and minimize fall out if you’re a pigment or loose mineral eyeshadow type of girl or guy.

Some of the shades in the latest release have really great natural touch of color shades without shimmer or sparkle so you can do a fairly nice nude eye look without a ton of color.

If you’re going to purchase some of these just remember the formula isn’t really any different from the original Paint Pot one. Outside of that they remain a great cream shadow pick that multitask well as a primer and base for other eyeshadow products.

Do like!

The new shade range is available now at MAC locations or online at

Are you a Paint Pot fan?


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  • 9/17/13 10:33 Aditi:

    Ohhhh, these look purty. Quick note – in the swatches there seem to be two Stormy Pinks?


    • 9/17/13 10:38 the Muse:

      hi aditi…I labeled the swatches right under photo, def not two stormy pinks :) hope this helps.


      • 9/17/13 12:41 mandy:

        I think you mislabeled camel coat as stormy pink muse!


        • 9/17/13 12:46 the Muse:

          I think I have major issues today lol! I just looked at the pic….! apparently I swatched some unknown pot in there *head desk* sorry! will try to get this corrected shortly


  • 9/17/13 10:40 meganlisa:

    I love these! And bought a bunch of them..right when I needed no more makeup. I had gotten my daughter a Let’s Skate with the Baking Beauties collection and we both fell in love. There last longer than powder shadows – on me but I have dry skin – and look super natural.


    • 9/17/13 10:49 the Muse:

      yay megan 😀 Let’s Skate is SO lovely ;D


  • 9/17/13 15:05 Brianna:

    Love these colors – I’m really drawn to Stormy Pink, but I feel like I would look like I have a black eye!


  • 9/18/13 5:45 Ryou:

    Hi Musey, I believe MAC re-tested the paint pot formula for long wear and it passed, so they slapped on the pro longwear label. It’s definitely confusing, if you ask me, especially since most of the old shades are also there to stay.


    • 9/18/13 11:08 the Muse:

      mmm still confusing as it seems like the reformulated them and in fact it’s the same paint pot formula.


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