Philosophy Wizard of Oz Shower Gel Duo Review

Philosophy Wizard of Oz Shower Gel Duo

The Yellow Brick Road and Emerald City are two new exclusive Philosophy Wizard of Oz Shower Gels that QVC is launching to celebrate 75th Anniversary of the Wizard of Oz.

On September 26th (9 PM EST) to join in and explore some great accessories, beauty items, and more all themed around the Wizard of Oz only available on QVC including this very cute duo of shower gels from Philosophy.

I want to follow the brick road towards James Franco, in a bed, just wearing the top hat, with that rather half baked smirk on his face. A girl can dream can’t she?

I just have to say that QVC has the cutest little ruby red slippers pendant debuting during this showing that I MUST own.

Ruby Red Slippers Pendent

And the other thing that I’d strong recommend hauling is the Philosophy Wizard of Oz Shower Gel Duo which is $29.94. The set includes Philosophy Yellow Brick Road Shower Gel which is a lemon-y marshmallow scent much like Sugar Chick. This is a shimmering bright yellow gel with a lovely sugary marshmallow scent with hints of tart lemon! Sugar Chick is my favorite shower gel from Philosophy so I’m all kinds of happy to have it back with very cute limited edition packaging!

Philosophy The Yellow Brick Road Shower Gel

You also get Philosophy Emerald City Shower Gel with is a bright green shimmering shade. It smells like tart candied limes! Quite delightful and pairs up well with Yellow Brick Road if you’re feeling like mixing things up in the shower.

Philosophy Emerald City Shower Gel

As with all Philosophy Shower Gels you can use this in your shower to create mounds of fragranced lathered or in your hair as a shampoo or as a bubble bath!

Each bottle features a cute printed scene from the Wizard of Oz film and is 16 oz in size.

The set will likely sell out fast when it debuts so you might want to grab it up now at

Loves this!

Muse Approved.



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  • 9/12/13 13:13 AnniLau:

    I’d love to get these for my Mom – a huge Wizard of Oz fan – but neither fragrance is something she would enjoy. :-(


  • 9/12/13 13:59 Icequeen81:

    They sound terrific


  • 9/12/13 16:49 Teralissa:

    I ordered this the same day you first posted about it. LOVE it! :)


    • 9/13/13 12:27 the Muse:

      yay! 😀


  • 9/12/13 21:16 telle:

    * ha ha ha ha* i like where that yellow brick road is going….tasty thoughts like the scent of the yellow brick road! i think at the end of mine though id have johnny depp or yea, ima say it- rpatz….! *lol* 😉


    • 9/13/13 10:35 the Muse:

      lol me too! ;-D LOL that’s ok I crush on patz too! He’s a cutie ;D


  • 9/13/13 9:18 Lisa:

    I’m guessing sugary marshmallow is sugar chick? If so I have 3 full bottles of that, I’d get the lime one but since it’s a duo I’ll probably pass. I did pick up the pistachio meringue though it sounds too yummy to pass up!,-24-oz.-Search-Results.product.A239127.html?sc=A239127-User&cm_sp=VIEWPOSITION-_-5-_-A239127&catentryImage=$uslarge$


    • 9/13/13 9:29 the Muse:

      mentioned that in the review Lisa. :)


  • 9/13/13 9:56 Lisa:

    Doh! For some reason I skipped the marshmallow review by accident and read from the lime down :)


    • 9/13/13 10:02 the Muse:

      no worries :)


  • 9/13/13 11:34 Miss D:

    Oh YUMMY- I love sugar chick (it’s my favorite too). And candied limes sounds great too…I must have this!


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