RiRi Hearts MAC Fall 2013 Collection Coming Soon

RiRi Hearts MAC Fall

The RiRi Hearts MAC Fall 2013 is coming at you this October fan girls and guys. Rihanna premieres her RiRi Hearts MAC Fall with perfect palette of lavish fall colour and a range of decidedly daring yet classically gorgeous shades, finishes and tools, all encased in the metallic warmth of rose gold packaging. Lipstick in deep raisin, orange frost, creamy nude and the vivid red of RiRi Woo match gleaming Lipglass, while eyes in contrasting soft and smoky cocoas complement luminous skin highlighted with Diamonds Cream Colour Base and Powder Blush in Bad Girl Gone Good.

RiRi Hearts MAC Fall 2013 Collection

The packaging is so girlishly delightful that I may need these goodies!

RiRi Hearts MAC Fall Her Cocoa Eye Shadow X 4 $44
RiRi Hearts MAC Fall Smoked Cocoa Eye Shadow X 4 $44

RiRi Hearts MAC Fall Her Cocoa Eye Shadow X 4

RiRi Hearts MAC Fall Smoked Cocoa Eye Shadow X 4

Riri Hearts MAC Fall Lipstick $16.50

  • Nude cool nude cream (matte)
  • Who’s That Chick mid-tone orange with frost ( frost)
  • RiRi Woo matte cool red (retro matte)
  • Talk That Talk matte dark plum (retro matte)

MAC Who's That Chick Lipstick

MAC Riri Woo Lipstick

MAC Talk that Talk Lipstick

MAC Riri Lipstick Nude

Riri Hearts MAC Fall Lipglass $16.50

  • RiRi Woo cool red cream (cream)

MAC Riri Lipglass-RiRi Woo

Riri Hearts MAC Fall Pro Longwear Lip Pencil $21.50

  • RiRi Woo cool red cream
  • Talk That Talk dark plum cream

MAC Pro Long wear Lip Pencil RiRi Woo

MAC Pro Longwear Lip Pencil Talk that Talk

MAC Extended Play Lash $17.50
Gigablack black

MAC RiRi Extended Play Lash

MAC Liquidlast Liner $21.50

  • Pointblack black

MAC Liquid Last Liner Riri

MAC Veluxe Brow Liner $21.50

  • Deep Brunette muted blackish-brown
  • Deep Dark Brunette dark dirty chocolate

MAC Veluxe Brow Liner Deep Brunette

MAC Veluxe Brow Liner Light Brunette

Riri Hearts MAC Fall Powder Blush Duo $29

  • Hibiscus Kiss cool coral blush and matte neutral bronze


MAC Riri Powder Blush Duo Hibiscus Kiss

Riri Hearts MAC Powder Blush $23

  • Bad Girl Gone Good warm copper (satin)


RiRi Hearts MAC Powder Blush Bad Girl Gone Good

MAC Cream Colour Base $22

  • Diamonds golden shimmer cream (frost)


MAC Cream Color Base Diamonds

MAC False Lash $17.50

  • 36 Lash
  • 35 Lash


MAC Riri False Lashes

Riri Hearts MAC Fall Brushes

  • 282SE Duo Fibre Shader $32
  • 187SE Duo Fibre Face

RiRi Hearts MAC  187SE

RiRi Hearts MAC 282SE

The Riri Hearts MAC Fall Collection will be available at MAC Stores September 26, 2013, online at maccosmetics.com starting September 30th, and everywhere else from October 3rd to the 31st.

  • 9/12/13 10:52 Brianna:

    Ugh! Give me all the things!


    • 9/19/13 18:51 Deanna:

      will this be available in store or only online?


      • 9/19/13 18:57 the Muse:

        details are right in the post deanna


  • 9/12/13 10:56 Cj:

    THE MOST GORGEOUS MAC PACKAGING EVER! Too bad nothing will work on my super fair skin lmao. *cries*

    Ps: Remember that foreo thing I showed you a while ago? I finally ordered it lol! I got the manly mens version 😛 can’t wait to try it! I wonder if it’ll put my clarisonic to shame



    • 9/12/13 11:00 the Muse:

      Oooo! tell me how it is? curious minds! I got an email from their press team a bit ago…! I agree, I LOVE this packaging LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!


      • 9/12/13 11:09 Cj:

        Will do! One of the youtubers I’m subbed to posted a video on it the other day, totally gave me the kick in the butt I needed to order it 😛

        Here’s the vid if you wanna watch it 😛 apparently it doubles as a… Well you’ll see lmao


        • 9/12/13 11:11 the Muse:

          let me guess a vibrator? LOL!


        • 9/12/13 11:11 the Muse:

          ps I love gossmakeup how did I miss this review?


          • 9/12/13 11:15 Cj:

            He just posted it yesterday 😛

          • 9/12/13 11:16 the Muse:

            he’s so pretty i wanna lick him all! ;-D

    • 9/14/13 10:17 Christina:

      i bet that plum lipstick is going to look A-MA-ZING on super fair skin. For the daring, that is of course.


  • 9/12/13 11:02 Agata:

    What a gorgeous collection! It will be hard to decide what to get!


  • 9/12/13 11:35 yelena:

    OMG I want it all! especially the lippies and blush and brushes and brow pencils…yup pretty much all except the shadows. packaging is beautiful!


  • 9/12/13 12:16 Nailah:

    I seriously just died a little inside. This is such a gorgeous collection!


  • 9/12/13 12:42 Clio:

    What would you use that diamonds cream for?


    • 9/12/13 12:45 the Muse:

      highlighter, eyeshadow base or eye color wash, etc


  • 9/12/13 14:39 Debster:

    Needs more blush, less bronzer!!!!! D:<


  • 9/12/13 21:23 telle:

    i llllooove the liquidy rose gold bra top thingy riri is rockin in the promo image although i will go on record and say i hate the hair :( it is sooo tame, it makes me think riri soccer mom…aaannnyyyways….lol! i hope these are wicked awesome products because i so wanna haul most of it! i will be heartbroken if these are a bust…. ! Cant wait for reviews! 😀


  • 9/13/13 10:25 Sheena:

    The cream highlighter looks beautiful. I just want at least one item with this packaging. You don’t think the highlighter will work with fair skin?


  • 9/16/13 11:17 Cindy Ramirez:

    Talk that Talk. Will. Be. Mine! I can’t wait to sit online for 2 hours trying to order that damn lipstick. It was worth it for Riri Woo!


    • 9/23/13 18:07 Lisa:

      lol, i was thinking the same thing! but, the wait is part of the fun isn’t it? so exciting! must have the talk that talk lipstick!!


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