Skin 79 Dream Girls Beblesh Balm Review & Swatches

Skin 79 Dream Girls Beblesh Balm

Skin 79 Dream Girls Beblesh Balm is a BB Cream that’s formulated for adolescent skin types. Supposedly it controls excess oil that “teenage” skin creates and also includes plant extracts which are ideal for sensitive or troubled skin users.

I am obviously not the demographic that Skin 79 Dream Girls Beblesh Balm is marketing to but I purchased it when it originally launched because it was getting raves for its lighter texture.

Let’s take a look!

I don’t actually think you need to have sensitive, troubled, or teenage skin to enjoy Skin 79 Dream Girls Beblesh Balm. This comes in a single shade which adapts well for medium fair to medium fair skin types. The shade is a creamy ivory with light beige undertones but it runs sheer and more subtle so it doesn’t look pasty or overly white once applied.

The texture is creamy out of the tube but goes watery as you blend out on skin creating a cool, refreshing feel as you apply. It actually sets to a semi-dewy finish with a lighter, fresh scent. The irony is the hydrating aspect of the cream considering it is meant for more oily skin you’d think it would be matte in finish. My skin actually adores it because it provides moisture and helps retain that moisture as the day progresses so my skin doesn’t go dull but looks fresh and natural all through the wear.

Skin 79 Dream Girls Beblesh Balm Swatches

Compared to other BB Creams from Korea this is a very subtly pigmented formula. The color corrects some and evens out skin tone but does not provide medium or even full coverage. I’m quite ok with the lighter coverage as it eases my dullness and creates a more uniformed finish without looking too heavy. It does accentuate drier areas on my face either and absorbs to a soft, supple finish. It might sound odd but it gives my complexion a touchable finish that’s very soft and natural. Wear time isn’t as strong as heavier BB Creams so I can get about four hours of wear before it fades away.

It contains an SPF 30 as well for sun protection.

If you’re a little overwhelmed by thicker creamy, and pigmented BB Creams I wouldn’t write off Skin 79 Dream Girls Beblesh Balm. Although marketed for younger skin it provides fresh, weightless coverage that creates a your skin but better look!

Well worth trying out especially if you’re new to the BB Cream world and just want to get your feet wet.

You can find this BB Cream across a variety of online shops as well as E-bay!



This product was purchased
by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 9/5/13 10:14 Cindy Ramirez:

    For a second I thought you typed the name wrong, but Beblesh it is. I appreciate who they were marketing this for, and I really wish this was marketed and easier to access in the US.


    • 9/5/13 13:43 Kristin:

      Fun fact! It’s called “Beblesh” because the word “blemish” is trademarked in Korea!


      • 9/6/13 18:09 Cindy Ramirez:

        Lol no way! Totally learn something new everyday, thanks Kristin!


  • 9/5/13 11:10 Needa:

    Hey Muse! i’m more around a nc35-nc40 skintone and i was wondering what are some good BB cream picks for darker skin colors. I’ve looked and looked but really haven’t found many.


  • 9/5/13 11:14 meganlisa:

    Thanks for writing about a product targeted at younger skin. I am not younger…and have always had dry skin. But my daughter is just entering the teen years and I’m at a loss with how to deal with her skin! All my anti-aging stuff isn’t right. And, I’ve found that even with dry skin if I over strip I get acne (the only way I do…somehow it makes my skin go into overdrive and actually produce oil). I bought a bunch of the Clickr line when Sephora cleared it out…other than that…all skin care targeted at the young seems to only focus on acne…which if that isn’t your main issue leaves you with few options. I am so glad to see this post…even if the product is hard to find (eBay?).


    • 9/5/13 11:19 the Muse:

      my pleasure megan! I remember Clickr, I thought that was a fairly nice line and kinda was disappointed it disappeared so quickly! F2Plus1 on E-bay probably has this or Zinoparks both are fairly affordable with lower shipping ;D


      • 9/5/13 11:29 meganlisa:

        Thanks! I’ll check it out. So great to have someone else finding these products for my daughter! I’m knee deep in wrinkle cream.


        • 9/5/13 11:45 the Muse:

          😀 <3!


    • 9/6/13 6:44 Alanna:

      If she’s not having acne problems, she should be fine with a nicely formulated moisturizer, cleanser, and spf. Young skin doesnt need any “specifics” different from older skin, just a routine suitable to its type (dry, oily, balanced, combo). :)


      • 9/6/13 8:42 meganlisa:

        Thanks Alanna!

        She has occasional acne but not often or much. I always had dry skin and never had more than occasional acne…even in my teens. But I’m crazy about skincare and always was. Getting the feedback helps!


  • 9/5/13 13:34 Sacre:

    What a nice tinted moisturizer with great SPF!. I’m even jealous because we didn’t have them, instead we used cakey foundations which shades were as deep tan as we could find xD
    I considered buying this, but unfortunately coverage seemed too watery for my liking. Hehe, I prefer lightweight but medium coverage.


  • 9/5/13 22:30 Nat:

    Oh, I have this one too Muse! It’s nice for days when I want a little less coverage, and I like the slight glimmery effect it has. :)


    • 9/6/13 9:18 the Muse:



  • 9/6/13 6:06 Nicky:

    I had this one before.. I resold it as it gave me little bumpy ‘breakouts’ all over my face when I did lol. otherwise it was okay. this is good for people who hate wearing makeup or hate greasy sunscreens, as this is a non sticky/greasy sunscreen hehe


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