Sneak Peek of the NARS Guy Bourdin Inspired Collection

NARS Eye Paint

The NARS Guy Bourdin Inspired Collection for Holiday 2013 is upcoming shortly! With news on the horizon of the official release upcoming later next week I thought you’d like a little sneak peek of the release from WWD this morning.

Here’s the article posted in WWD which you can view below.

Note: After careful consideration and research I have decided not to cover or review the NARS Guy Bourdin Holiday 2013 Collection. Guy Bourdin was a controversial pulp photographer and some of his images are controversial, morbid, and offensive to women. Being a women myself I’ve decided to cease coverage on this collection! Thank you for understanding!

Look for more news upcoming shortly with promo images and official information from NARS!

WWD Guy Bourdin Cover

WWD Guy Bourdin P.8

  • 9/27/13 12:14 Karina:

    Now my head is a mess: wait for Nars blushes set or buy the tarte one…. :C


    • 9/27/13 17:14 Jeannie:

      Nars all the way! waaaay better quality!


  • 9/27/13 13:05 Fro:

    I hope the blush palette is available world wide *crosses fingers and toes*


  • 9/27/13 13:10 amy:

    I can’t wait to see the eyeshadows! With all the matte for Fall, the new finish should be a nice change. I’m also thinking about the blush palette, but will likely pass.

    For some reason, I thought this would be out in November. Now, I have to re-think my October purchases…


  • 9/27/13 22:15 Ferishia:

    I don’t know what that lip shaped thing is, but I know I want it!


  • 9/28/13 12:15 SusanF:

    Gees, $16 million expected for a Limited Edition collection….


  • 9/30/13 21:06 Phyrra:

    Another NARS blush palette? I’m doomed!


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