Tarte Brushed by Beauty Brush Collection Available Now

Tarte Brushed by Beauty Brush Collection

Hey kids, so, correct me if I’m wrong but the Tarte Brushed by Beauty Brush Collection ($59) is the first Holiday brush set I’ve ever seen from Tarte. Right?

Tarte takes five of its best selling brushes and tucks them into a signature purple bag and gets them ready for gifting!

The Tarte Brushed by Beauty Brush Collection includes five full size Bamboo Makeup Brushes in a travel size makeup bag.

Brushes include:

  • Bamboo Cream Shadow Brush
  • Undercover Lover Bamboo Concealer Brush
  • The Buffer Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation Brush
  • Double Ended Bamboo Blush & Highlighter Brush
  • Double Ended Bamboo Eyeliner & Shadow Brush

If you love Tarte brushes this is a great way to try more or add to your stash.

The Tarte Brushed by Beauty Brush Collection is available now at tartecosmetics.com

  • 9/19/13 10:02 Jess Scull:

    I bought this last week! AMAZING deal!


  • 9/19/13 10:12 Suselew:

    It’s not their first Holiday brush set, Muse. I bought one either last year or the year before. In fact I have that same purple glossy bag. I love the concealer brush but ended up giving away all the other brushes in the set. I don’t care for double ended brushes or brushes that large (same goes for IT cosmetics monster brushes). Hate to be a Debby Downer, but despite my love for Tarte, I can live without most of their brushes.


    • 9/19/13 10:24 the Muse:

      they had one last year…wow I didn’t even know that…maybe I tried it and can’t remember? senior moment!!!!!!!!!!! hey, we all like what we like suse, I don’t blame ya 😀 I dislike double ended brushes too!


  • 9/19/13 10:33 amy:

    I really don’t *need* any more brushes, but… I’ve been wanting to try the Airbrush Finish brush for a while, and the price for the entire set really isn’t that much more. Maybe Santa will bring it to me?


  • 9/19/13 12:58 Kathy:

    The purple case looks like one that was in a TSV and came with the concealer, Amazonian Clay blush, gel eye pigment, lip stick (crayon ones, blanking on the name), and brushes. Between two ADs or three, I have those, they’re good brushes!


  • 9/19/13 14:09 Nydia:

    I have all those brushes from purchasing their TSVs. they are great brushes although, to be honest, not the ones I reach for often. Also…can they be called best sellers if they were included in a TSV? LOL


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