Tarte Pure Delights LipSurgence Lip Set Loving It

Tarte Pure Delights LipSurgence Lip

Shall we take a look at the great Tarte Pure Delights LipSurgence Lip Set ($34) releasing for Holiday 2013? Tarte typically does a set of LupSurgence which contains five full size pencils but the Tarte Pure Delights LipSurgence Lip Set, well, let’s just say it’s way better.

First off you get eight shades instead of five and secondly, they are MINI! I LOVE this. I’ve never seen a mini LipSurgence before I may just squeal.

How cute and so ideal for makeup junkies like us that likely already have twenty or more full size pencils laying around plus add into the factor the other chubby lip pencils we have from brands like Revlon, Hard Candy, Clinique etc….well, minis are welcome all around here! They travel smartly, don’t take up a ton of space, allow us to have more variety (eight freaking shades worth!), plus we’ll use them up quickly!

Likey Tarte, likey!


4 Tarte LipSurgence Matte Lip Tints in:

  • Glee (watermelon)
  • Cheerful (coral)
  • Destined (raspberry)
  • Generous (pinkish nude)

4 Tarte LipSurgence Lip Tints in:

  • Believe (warm pink)
  • Grateful (nude)
  • Lovely (mauve pink)
  • Enamored (cool red)

It’s shows currently out of stock on Tarte’s website but no worries I’m sure it’ll be stocked up shortly!

It’ll happily be added to my Christmas wish list!

Whatcha think?

Miss the larger set or are you all about the mini one? It’ll go great with the new blush set Tarte released for the Holidays!

  • 9/12/13 9:53 Sweta:

    Hi Muse

    I just got this one..its already up on sephora website…its awe sum..all new limited edition colors 😀 …love dis more den the previous sets..*big thumbs up* Tarte!!


    • 9/12/13 9:57 the Muse:

      yay! enjoy sweta!


  • 9/12/13 9:53 Aditi:

    Okay, yet another thing that goes on my list (I’m ashamed to say when I saw this I squealed – much to the amusement of all the other people in the lab!)


    • 9/12/13 9:54 the Muse:

      LOL! 😀


  • 9/12/13 10:16 Shelby:

    I like the more colours smaller sizes this year, I will probably never go through them anyway. I still have mine from 2 years ago.


  • 9/12/13 10:37 Louise:

    Sephora just added it! Damn, there goes all my money.


  • 9/12/13 11:13 Lila:

    I’ve been eyeing the Tarte lip products for a while but could never bring myself to shell out so much for just one product. Heaven knows I don’t need more lip products (last time I counted my collection it was over 75…yeah, I know I have a problem :-p) but this is too adorable and too great of a selection to pass up. I’ll defintiely be picking it up when my no-buy ends in October


  • 9/12/13 12:23 Caitlin:



  • 9/12/13 12:32 Samantha Morgan:

    Muse, thanks so much for posting about the Tarte holiday sets. Do you think some of these will sell out early? I’m trying to budget and don’t want to miss any, like I did last year when I missed the kits and only could buy the Lipsurgence set. Please advise!


    • 9/12/13 12:38 the Muse:

      it’s so hard to say Samantha…sometimes yes sometimes no…I picture them disappearing during sephora FF but possibly be restocked later…I can’t say you never really know what people are going to hoard and what they’ll skip up! I’m sorry wish I had better advice but typically I try to snatch things up as soon as I see them so I am not regretting it later if they do disappear :-/


      • 9/12/13 21:25 telle:

        ha ha ha! awww so true, Muse! im with you on that type of shopping….!


        • 9/13/13 10:40 the Muse:

          hehe 😀


      • 9/12/13 23:56 Samantha Morgan:

        Oh, no need to apologize! You are so nice! I’m wondering what to purchase first. These minis look cute and it will allow me to use a whole stick. I still have Lipsurgences from last year. (I don’t know if that’s ok or if I should toss them?! LOL)


        • 9/13/13 14:35 the Muse:

          aw shucks! :) I really want the minis too even though I have a few larger size in rotation. Lip products typically are a year before tossing lol! so about time?


  • 9/12/13 14:47 diane:

    i’m so excited for this! i love the idea of mini shades and getting more colors since i only ever used up 1 full size anyway LOL =)


  • 9/12/13 16:16 auroragyps:

    Love it. Don’t know if I’ll be getting it, because money is tight, but if it sells well, maybe they’ll make new sets later on.

    Now if only UD would follow Tarte’s lead and make a mini lip product set. I used to have several of their mini Lip Gunk ones and I loved them. They keep coming out with shadow & liner sets for the eyes, and even have a cheek palette, but I feel they’re ignoring lips.


  • 9/12/13 18:02 CC:

    Want-need-must have- will get! I think these are my fav lip products!


  • 9/13/13 1:07 Diana:

    Muse! Do you think this set will be released in Sephora or just the Tarte website itself?


    • 9/13/13 7:31 the Muse:

      it’s already at sephora.com diana :)


  • 9/16/13 11:39 fancyprance:

    Muse- Have you received any information on what Tarte holiday exclusives Ulta will be offering this year?


    • 9/16/13 12:16 the Muse:

      I have not yet fancy but hope to shortly!


  • 9/18/13 18:11 maddy:

    I never used these pencils but I would like to give them a try… Are these retractable or do you have to sharpen it?


    • 9/19/13 9:30 the Muse:

      i assume retractable just like the original maddy!


  • 10/15/13 19:50 stella:

    wish they had some berry shades :(


  • 1/3/14 19:09 Claudine:

    Do you know if anyone still has these? I discovered them too late and desperately want it!


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