Tom Ford Beauty Eye Primer Duo for Fall 2013

Tom Ford Beauty Eye Primer Duo

Beauty I want right now? Tom Ford Beauty Eye Primer Duo, I need it, like now, maybe yesterday, last month even! And it might be mind as soon as I can get myself over to Neimans.

The Tom Ford Eye Primer Duo ($45) is a pairing of a powder and cream eyeshadow primers that promises 15 hours crease-free eyeshadow wear. The formula allows for shadows to remain crease-free as well as keeps colors true and intense.

It’s a little bit of a complex primer as you’re supposed to apply the cream first, follow up with the powder to set, and proceed to apply eyeshadow. I personally like the swipe my shadow primer on and follow up with shadow method. Do I really need an extra step in my makeup regime? Apparently setting it will absorb excess oil and allow shadows to have a solid layer to adhere to which allows them to wear stronger. I think drier lids will possibly have an issue with this though where as oily ones will likely love it.

I think my own lemming stems from the fact that I’m hoping it’ll work on its own for a bare lid look. I really like products like Benefit Lemon Aid which enable me to leave the house essential eyeshadow free yet allowing my eyes to look brighter and less sleepy. I was hoping that the Tom Ford Eye Primer Duo will have the same effect as I can multitask with it for a nude eye and also to keep my eyeshadow sealed in place.

It might just get added to my “Beauty Need It Right Now” list.

It’s available now at

  • 9/11/13 16:45 Corinne:

    I would want this but I’m not a fan of Neiman’s return policy on makeup. I’m so used to Nordstrom’s awesome call me spoiled. Too bad TF isn’t available anywhere else


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