Tony Moly Real Persimmon Juice Cleansing Gel Review

Tony Moly Real Persimmon Juice Cleansing Gel

Allegedly Tony Moly Real Persimmon Juice Cleansing Gel contains real fruit juice…hmmmm…I dunno about that but I am obsessed with fruit shaped skincare items (thank you Korea, thank you Japan! You’ve converted me to the joys of owning as many lip balms, cleansers, and moisturizers shaped like strawberries, lemons, and peaches as I possibly can!) so this hit my beauty radar recently.

Did I like it?

Tony Moly Real Persimmon Juice Cleanser Gel

Tony Moly Real Persimmon Juice Cleansing Gel is a cheap as chips gel cleanser (around three to four dollars within Korea and a variety of E-bay and online shops) that comes in a pump jar shaped like a persimmon. Did I tell you that Just Tomatoes Just Persimmon mixed with their apples is my fav nom every? I’m never without a pouch in my desk drawer.


This has a papaya like scent which is very sweet and quite strong for the sensitive types. I personally love the scent! It’s a thicker gel which you’ll use like a cleansing oil by applying to a dry face full of makeup. Simply massage it on and you can either wipe away with a tissue or cleanse it off with water.

Tony Moly Real Persimmon Juice Cleansing Gel Swatches

It’s actually a fun alternative to cleansing oil but it does leave behind some makeup so following up with another cleanser is best to remove anything that this might have left behind. Many folks embrace a double cleanse, I personally don’t as I reach for cleansing oils that I know will remove all my makeup. If the double cleanse doesn’t bug you too much this might be worth a haul for a prep prior to cleansing with something stronger!

Or perhaps for a quickie clean up when you can’t be bothered to do a full cleanse at the end of a long night.

Cute but just don’t rely on it to get your face full clean!


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by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 9/24/13 2:10 melissa:

    holy cuteness batman. I really need a good cleansing oil as I’m out. I’m thinking of going back to missha. i was reading your old posts and I just can’t make up my mind about whats best to get face and eye makeup off.


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