Villainess Apple Soap Collection for Fall 2013

Villainess Apple Soap Collection

Contrary to the misguided belief we are headed into the Holidays we are just starting the Fall season. Don’t let K-Mart or my blog fool you! This isn’t the Holidays, this is Harvest! It’s Halloween! It’s time for pumpkins, spice, everything nice, and oh yes, apples!

And to celebrate that wonderful season I bring to you today a selection of fine soaps from my VERY FAVORITE e-tailer, Villainess.

Take a look especially if you love apples!

Villainess Discord Soap $6
Golden apples fairly glowing in a resinous haze of amber and myrrh and dripping with dragon’s blood.

Villainess Discord Soap

Villainess Proscription Soap $6
Apples. Or pomegranates. And does it really matter which? Just out of reach behind a wash of earth and bitter herbs.

Villainess Proscription Soap

Villainess Just Right Soap $6
Apples done up in honey and grandma’s own buttery pie crust, steaming Earl, and warm milk so sweet you’ll never want to leave.

Villainess Just Right Soap

Villainess Twistappel Soap $6
Green apples, sharp and discordant with fresh ginger, acrid leaves and blood-deep wines.

Villainess Twistappel Soap

Villainess are a gorgeous marblized soap that creates tons of silky lather and leaves skin gorgeously scented.

I’m looking forward to indulging in these new apple scents!

They sound delightful!

Happy Harvest and the the Hunter’s moon pops into our skies October 18th so be on the look out for a little lunacy from BPAL!

You can get them now at

I’m not affiliated with this e-tailer I merely wanted to share the love with you as I’ve been purchasing from them for many years and adore their soaps!

  • 9/26/13 17:42 Tess:

    I bet these smell amazing! Can you find them anywhere in-store, though?


    • 9/28/13 10:54 Carrie:

      I believe if you go to their website, they tell you where they have stores? I know there are two in my state.


  • 9/26/13 20:02 Nicole:

    I think I need to add a few of these to my soap stash. I love the Villainess scents so much, and I’ve never been disappointed with any of them.


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