Bath & Body Works Holiday 2013 Candle Collection

Bath & Body Works Candle Collection Holiday 2013

The Bath & Body Works Holiday 2013 Candle Collection has popped up online. I’m so not ready for these as I’m still burning my Fall candles and tarts…but none the less bring it on BBW I’m ready!

Bath & Body Works Holiday 2013 Candles

Bath and Body Works Holiday 2013 Candles

The Bath & Body Works Holiday 2013 Candle Collection is going to be massive so below you’ll find a few of the early scents launching online now and as Christmas grows nearer some new scents will be added to the list….!

Fresh Balsam Candle
Balsam and fir trees, layered with notes of fresh eucalyptus.

Winter Candle
Notes of pine needles, clementine and winter woods.

Tis the Season Candle
Green pine and a touch of golden cider.

Vanilla Snowflake
Creamy vanilla, winter mint and touch of coconut.

Snow Day Candle
Spruce branches, peppermint and sweet vanilla.

Sparkling Icicles Candle
Citrus bouquet, bergamot and a touch of holiday moss.

Frosted Cranberry Candle
Red cranberries dusted with fresh snow and a blend of juicy peach, raspberry and vanilla.

Evergreen Candle
A blend of green fir balsam, cool pine and dark woods.

Winter Fig Candle
Fresh fig blended with black spruce and a hint of sugar.

Fireside Candle
Warm embers in the fireplace sweetened with notes of leather, sandalwood and rich amber.

Vanilla Cedarwood Candle
Woodland snow features cedarwood and amber notes.

Chestnut & Clove Candle
Warm blend of dark chestnut, crisp cedar and fresh cloves.

I have to check my stash but I have a lot of these from last year! PHEW! However, as I mentioned there are more to come EEP! Anything you see that you want to stock up on?

Of course, I recommend waiting for a 2 for $22 deal :)

These are available now, online, at

  • 10/1/13 13:35 K.B.:

    Yesssssss! Vanilla Snowflake is BACK!!

    (quickly opens a new tab)


  • 10/1/13 14:02 Michou:

    I’m honestly shocked that “Snowed In” isn’t back this year. That was quite possibly the best scent released last year. I wonder if they’ll be releasing more as the season gets closer.

    Either way, I’m glad I got about 4 of them last year to make sure I could have it again this year!

    I’m dying to try the Fig, Harvest Gathering and Tis the Season scents!


    • 10/1/13 14:04 the Muse:

      hi michou mentioned in the post that these aren’t all the fragrances and more would be released as the season grows nearer….hope this helps!


      • 10/1/13 14:26 Michou:

        Well, I hope these aren’t all of them. I have noticed in years before though that by November they have another batch of holiday/seasonal fragrances. I hope it’s true this year too!


        • 10/1/13 14:46 the Muse:

          this isn’t all of them, more are upcoming as the season approaches :)


          • 10/1/13 15:11 Michou:

            OHhhhhh yay!!!!! The winter scents are my FAVE!

    • 10/1/13 15:11 K.B.:

      Michou, if it helps, “Snowed In” is available as a fragrance bulb, and it looks like the packaging is different from last year’s. Maybe it’ll be released as a candle closer to the holidays.


  • 10/1/13 15:08 Kim:

    I want to know what happened to the Halloween collection for this year. ;-( Seriously disappointed. they usually have a little of everything. This year they managed one soap and mini anti bacterial and holders. REALLY?!?!? oh well, guess that is money saved on my part. 😉


    • 10/1/13 15:08 the Muse:

      i know :( sucks!


  • 10/1/13 16:11 Sara:

    Hmm… Vanilla Cedarwood. If it smells anything like Kiehl’s Vanilla Cedarwood, I’m sold!


  • 10/1/13 17:35 Kadie Lee:

    Oh crap…


  • 10/2/13 0:07 Emma:

    Aw man, I hope they bring back the french baguette candle…I got the tiny one last year and I really really want the full sized one! Did anyone else smell it? JUST like baking bread, mmm


    • 10/2/13 9:01 Michou:

      I loved the smell… and then didn’t buy it (I had to choose and ended up choosing the coffee one instead b/c mmmm coffeeeeee), and I really hope they bring it back b/c it was DELICIOUS and I regret not getting it before.


    • 10/2/13 19:30 Christie:

      Unfortunately I don’t think French Baguette is coming back! It would’ve come back during the summer/fall collection.


  • 10/2/13 21:38 Ashley:

    Didn’t even know these were available yet, I hope they smell good! I discovered your blog a couple of weeks ago by the way, and I love it! Thank you for all the reviews/news tidbits you post :)


    • 10/3/13 9:10 the Muse:

      aw thanks ashley so glad you’re enjoying Musings. Crazy right? Fall just started and already on to the Holidays! jeepers!


  • 10/15/13 16:30 Shannon:

    I’m burning Vanilla Snowflake right now & it is awesome !! Coconut & mint sound bad together, but all of the notes blend together perfectly. Snow Day smells amazing too, haven’t bought it yet, but it’ll likely be my next….btw, love your blog !!


    • 10/15/13 16:33 the Muse:

      MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! sounds lovely shannon! 😀 thank YOU! so glad you enjoy Musings!


  • 10/15/13 16:35 Shannon:

    Yw :-) I’ve been reading for a long time, just haven’t commented til now…but yeah, b&bw has some great, high quality candles….can’t wait to see what other scents will be released in the near future :-)


    • 10/15/13 16:41 the Muse:

      well thanks for taking time out today to say hey 😀 I hope you got in on the awesome sale yesterday…! 20% off plus candles at 2/22! I can’t wait! as the holidays get nearer you’ll see more of the foody ones…! yay! Happy yankee candle has a little holiday preview too…a new marshmallow one! yum!


  • 10/16/13 2:52 Michelle:

    When was the candle sale??? Is it still in the store??


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