Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Boober Perfume Oil Review

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Boober Perfume Oil

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Boober Perfume Oil is one of several perfume oils that the Lab cocktailed up to celebrate our childhood friends the Fraggles. Ahhh take me back the the 80’s!

Boober is the more unusual of the Fraggles…he’s paranoid, superstitious, and scared of his own shadow! He’s always worried about disease, doom, and has a variety of phobias. Yeah, this show is for kids, honest!

For whatever reason Boober finds joy in doing laundry…hey, we all have our simple pleasures right? This scent smells like clean like freshly washed laundry.

Take a peek!

This scents open up with linden blossom which gives it the clean, soapy scent in the dry down. The linden blossom does have a faint lily-ish under note to my nose but as it dries it goes warm, soapy, and softly floral. As it completely dries down floral takes a back note as a bouquet of clean freshly washed laundry makes a play at overtaking the fragrance. There’s a soapy element that’s very fresh and clean here like laundry you just removed from the washing machine.

This laundry element sticks around for a solid two hours but the fragrance starts to morph on my skin at around hour three and the freshness of the linden blossom makes a reappearance overtaking the blend and giving it a flirty girlish finish!

Although it claims to have a sprinkle of vanilla I never really get even a hint of it during the entire wear. The fragrance lasts a solid eight hours on me and typically brings a round of compliments asking me what I used to clean my laundry with. It just has that stepped into a laundry mat smell! Very pleasant, very soft, very pretty…!

This one is a keeper.

If you like fresh, clean scents Boober, for all his paranoia, is a pleasant perfume oil!

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  • 10/25/13 12:03 Donna:

    Sounds great; I love the scent of fresh laundry! Might have to spend the $26… :)


  • 10/25/13 12:23 Majick:

    GREAT review! Boober would shut me down in a heartbeat. HATE all the “fresh” scents. I have MCS and oh they are wicked to my wellness.

    It’s SO bad that I can not even be around people who use too much fabric softener. HOrrbile…(guess I’m just a dirty girl);-) ROFLMAO


  • 10/25/13 17:10 Dusty:

    OMFFFGKJGEHG!! Boober was my FAVORITE!! Gobo was boring, Red was obnoxious and Wembley was… well… he was KIND of okay. Mokey though?! Who READS?! She reminded me of Daryl Hannah in the first half hour of Steel Magnolias.

    Can you tell I maybe watched this show?

    My personal favorites as a child were the Doozers. Tiny little gay bears in a cave. Woof. LOL

    Anyway, this is awesome.


    • 10/29/13 16:02 the Muse:

      DUSTIN WTF where you been? I miss you! LOL…! Daryl Hannah? LOL I’m picturing that now and Mokey maybe preaching the bible’s good word ;-D LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! I really loved the Doozers too ;-D they just rocked…endlessly trying to create something wonderful only to have it destroyed by a buncha greedy hungry fraggles! WTH!?


  • 10/26/13 16:26 Icequeen81:

    lol I feel a kind of sarcasm , in this show is for kids Honest, indeed he was very particular, I miss that kind of shows nowadays


  • 10/27/13 15:01 BooBooNinja:

    This is a beauty blog, I know, but will you please post more photos of your little kitty?


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