Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Dark Pumpkin Mead Review

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Dark Pumpkin Mead

The Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Dark Pumpkin Mead Perfume Oil is one of several new perfume oils that the Lab has launched for Halloween 2013. Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (Bpal) or the Lab as fans fondly call it releases an extensive array of gorgeous perfume oils for the Fall season that are available for a limited time and Dark Pumpkin Mead happens to one.

Take a look!

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Dark Pumpkin Mead Perfume Oil

Housed in a 5ML glass alchemy bottle you might think this is tiny for the price but many of the fragrances from the lab are very potent so a dab is all you need for strong linger and throw.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Dark Pumpkin Mead is a pumpkin mead mixed with clover honey and maple to add sweetness.

Lab fragrances are tricky little devils sometimes because scents such as this one kinda smell awful in the bottle but dab them on your skin and they dry down beautifully. At first sniff this has a boozy sweetness in the bottle that kinda smells as if liquor gone off a bit…but once you apply it pumpkin dominates the scent with plenty of fall spiciness you’d associate with the season!

Now what really gives the oil it’s uniqueness would be the addition of maple. You always think cinnamon and pumpkin traditionally right? I don’t think maple really factors into my thoughts of pumpkin or at least I don’t think of maple and pumpkin as commonly as I do cinnamon combined with pumpkin! Maple adds a very sweet yet warm element to the blend. It plays really nicely with the pumpkin and the tone goes golden….I just picture a pumpkin dripping with warm maple syrup when I wear the scent.

I think the mead doesn’t really come out here so don’t worry about there being a boozy note to the fragrance. If anything it’s sweet and unusual for the Fall! The maple really adds a beautiful note that deepens through the wear and becomes warmer and warmer.

If you’re looking for a Fall scent that’s a little different from traditional cinnamon and pumpkin notes I think Dark Pumpkin Mead is an ideal pick. It has beautiful notes that capture the Autumn season perfectly. The scent works perfect now and will continue to work well into November as we head deeper into the season.

Loves it!

Well worth indulging in.

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  • 10/17/13 11:59 Stephanie:

    Mead has such a unique smell compared to other drinks, but I like it! Especially if it’s being mixed in with other lovely fall scents. I might have to pick this one up. :)


  • 10/17/13 14:28 MandyB:

    I wore this yesterday and I love it! Today is Blue Lollipops…mmmmm if you haven’t tried it yet Muse, it’s a scent for you!


    • 10/17/13 14:49 the Muse:

      have it, love it 😀 hehe! love you know me so well!


  • 10/17/13 16:50 Chelsea:

    I’ve never done anything BPAL before, but some of these seasonal pumpkin ones (this and Alice in the Pumpkin Patch in particular) sound too good not to buy!


  • 10/19/13 20:31 darkeyedfran:

    Muse, can you pleaseeeeeeeeeeee do a post of all of your bpal stuff? I’d love to see your collection! Also, are you on the boards or do you strictly review scents here? I’ve heard several of the forumites refer to you as their inspiration to try bpal! I know you were my enabler :)


    • 10/22/13 16:40 the Muse:

      that might take ages fran :) and much of my collection is le and no longer available so prob would make folks a little angry if I review fragrances they can’t buy anymore…I do occasionally post stash photos on instagram and did a few of Bpal earlier this month 😀 here and here :) My collection is a little crazy…! I review scents here only, I am not really active on the boards but I am a lurker for something like seven years 😀 hehe! I was active in swaps for a bit as well. but don’t really have time for it now :( due to blog, etc…! ha..thanks it’s always flattering to be called an enabler 😀


  • 10/22/13 8:44 kellly:

    Ulta has a LE pumpkin spice latte in their house-brand bath smoothies this year that is so it’s not the usual spiced pumpkin-cinnamon thing. I’m loving it and think I might even need a back up bottle. The bottles are smaller than their regular bath smoothies. They also have an apple pie LE fragrance for fall that’s great-smelling, too.


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