Buxom Holiday 2013 Collection

Buxom Serial Kisser Collection

Dolly’s Opening Act, Time to Shine, and Serial Kisser are three of the newest Buxom Holiday 2013 Collection from Bare Minerals! I personally love the fun offerings from Buxom so when the Holidays roll around I always look forward to the gloss sets and such.

Here’s a look at some of the newest Holiday Gift Sets!

Buxom Serial Kisser Collection of Mini Full-Bodied Lipsticks $32

  • Menace
  • Provocateur
  • Mistress
  • Centerfold
  • Moonlighter

Buxom Serial Kisser Collection

Buxom Time To Shine 6-Piece Mini Full-On Lip Collection $32

  • Mini Lip Cream in Cherry Flip, White Russian, Kir Royale
  • Mini Lip Polish in Tiffany, Amy, Gabby

Buxom Dolly's Opening Act Set

Buxom Dolly’s Opening Act Set $29
A selection of Full-On Lip Polishes & Creams in shades:

  • Emma
  • White Russian
  • Dani
  • Dolly
  • Berry Blast
  • Michelle

Buxom Time To Shine Full-On Lip Collection

I can’t wait to grab up some of these! Adore the gorgeous velvet box the lipsticks set come in too!

Whatcha think?

Available now at Sephora and Sephora.com


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  • 10/14/13 12:21 Cindi:

    I like all these and would have happily purchased but I want full sized products, not minis. I did get the Rockin’ Red Hot holiday edition of lip glosses by Lorac and I am loving them! They are full sized too! I just don’t like mini’s. Of anything.


    • 10/14/13 12:24 the Muse:

      hi cindi…totally understand however, the lorac aren’t full size, those are deluxe size…!


  • 10/14/13 12:24 Aubri:

    As much as I love Buxom creams/glosses, I do wish that White Russian wasn’t in every single set. I have 3 of them. Serial Kisser, however, must be mine!


  • 10/14/13 13:35 Christy:

    Oh, Boy…….already bought both gloss sets. LOVE LOVE LOVE MINIS!!!!!! Throw ’em in my purse, work bag, gym bag, easy to switch up, and get to bring home lots of colors to test!!!! Seems like things always look different once home! And if I find myself reaching for one color more than others, I do often buy a full size color from the selection. (This time it would be White Russian, which I already have and can always use more minis of it to throw around! Also like Cherry Flip a lot, but not enough to use up a full size, so that’s a win win for me too. Now debating on Kir Royale……). I’m a Buxom fan though, so that helps.

    Just watch out, the glosses from Dolly’s opening act are SMALL. Very very small. I would almost call them samples. I can’t see getting more than 6 or so uses from them.

    Time to Shine are definitely the deluxe size I’m used to. Although I’m debating on whether or not to attempt to find a way to refill some of the tiny bottles with product or clean them out for something else (a small stash of supplies for a weekend away??).

    THANKS for all of the reviews, Muse, it’s really making my Holiday selections so much easier. I’m always so amazed at the amount of brands you review!!


    • 10/14/13 13:41 the Muse:

      JEALOUS! 😀 I like variety and I have tons of stuff already so minis are awesome 😀 thanks for the tip on the Dolly glosses! 😀 aw my pleasure! So glad I could help <3!


  • 10/14/13 14:07 Nadia:

    I love tiny lipsticks! I usually get a few sets from the Holiday collections. How was your trip muse? Hope you had a nice time :)


    • 10/14/13 14:13 the Muse:

      it was amazing thanks for asking Nadia. California is always great in October. Tired though :) prob got about four hours rest the entire time I was there haha…P.S. I love tiny lipsticks too ;D


      • 10/14/13 15:34 Nadia:

        I am happy to hear that you had a blast :) I’ve never been to California but I definitely want to soon! I live in Montreal so whenever I go to the US, I tend to stick to the east coast.


        • 10/14/13 15:35 the Muse:

          hey there again! It’s really nice. CA has some of the best weather..cool in the AM/PM and warm all through the day :) plus so many things to do/see and weather doesn’t hinder you which is great! I’ve been several hundred times but it never gets old, just as lovely as the East Coast. You def should go one day ;-D Bay Area is awesome as is more traditional areas like LA ;-D


  • 10/14/13 21:11 Lauren:

    I love these! I have several of the lip creams and polishes, though, so I’ll probably pass on those. I like the looks of the lipstick set, but I HATE the Buxom mini lipsticks. I have one in Two Timer, and the bullet is so soft and thin that it breaks very easily with minimal pressure.


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