Dalton Aqua D’Pure Foundation Booster BB Drops Not A BB Cream?

Dalton Aqua D'Pure Foundation Booster BB Drops

Eh? So confused but what exactly is Dalton Aqua D’Pure Foundation Booster BB Drops ($38)?

Apparently not a BB Cream but something more interesting?

Dalton Aqua D’Pure Foundation Booster BB Drops is a new product that promises the benefits of a BB Cream but allows you to use it with your own foundation. This an an antioxidant packed primer that combines with the foundation of your choice to give skin a more hydrated, firmed appearance while soothing and alleviating redness.

So basically the benefits of an anti-aging formula just not the coverage?




Do share!

  • 10/16/13 11:55 diane:

    I watched this presented on air- it looked interesting. They mixed it with foundation and it is supposed to have all the benefits of a BB cream but make your foundation more full coverage and spread better, also I believe it was supposed to help foundation stay on longer and add a glow to the skin. It’s interesting- I wishlisted it. =)


  • 10/16/13 15:29 Miranda:

    I like the idea, especially since some BB cream lines don’t have a very wide variety of shades.


  • 8/3/15 19:00 e:

    I do not see any ingredient lists anywhere. Why do companies make it so difficult to find?


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