Demeter Zombie Fragrance Collection

Demter Zombie Fragrance Collection

Demeter Zombie for Her and Zombie for Him are two new cologne sprays that the brand launched just in time for Halloween (and for the return of Walking Dead holler at me if you’re excited about Rosita Espinosa popping up this season!).

If you’ve always wanted to smell like a zombie you can now with this new Demeter Zombie Fragrance Collection but they are limited edition and once the witching hour on October 31st pops up they disappear until next year!

So grab it now, they remain undead for a short time only!

Demeter Zombie for Her
A combination of dried leaves, mushrooms, mildew, moss and earth with a touch of Dregs from the bottom of the wine barrel for that feminine touch.

Demeter Zombie for Her

Demeter Zombie for Him

A combination of dead and dying vegetation, mushrooms, mildew, moss and earth.

Demeter Zombie for Him

As much as I love a good zombie I don’t think I want to smell like one and so these earthy scents probably aren’t for me! The day Demeter creates a Zombie fragrance that’s sugar, spice, and sweetness I’ll be all over it! They can call it Pink Zombie!

Grab ’em now at

  • 10/22/13 10:18 Deeds:

    One of my friends in college always wore Demeter’s “Dirt” when we went out. It was interesting enough that people paid a little more attention to her, but not so pungent or odd that it was off putting.

    I am a huge zombie fan, so I may need to get these to see if they have the same effect!


    • 10/22/13 16:07 the Muse:

      I’m terribly curious if you sniff let me know what you think deeds!


  • 10/22/13 23:10 splattergirl:

    bought the female one last year, smells like damp mildew and wet soil :) rainy forest night


  • 10/22/13 23:11 splattergirl:

    btw isn’t this year;s demeter halloween collection the Elvira one?


  • 10/23/13 12:35 Iris:

    Very curious about these. I’ll have to see if they’re available here in Canada. 😀


    • 10/23/13 13:34 splattergirl:

      actually I live in Toronto and I got mine off ebay in june or something like thay? there was a good seller, I haven’t seen anything in their store for a while but he used to have tons of Demeter.
      Do you know which stores over here carry the brand? in case you live over here too, the only place I have seen any so far since I moved here in summer ’10 was the little store across from Loblaws on QSW.


      • 10/23/13 14:59 Iris:

        Hi! I’m in Alberta. In my area, the Real Canadian Superstore (a chain owned by Loblaws) carries them– they may not in your area, though. I’ve also seen them in London Drugs stores.


        • 10/23/13 15:24 splattergirl:

          we don’t have London drugs (except probably online?) but there are superstores, I have been to two for a few times since they aren’t that close, have never seen these or never paid enough attention – thanks for the tip! :)


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