Dionis Peppermint Hand Cream Review

Dionis Peppermint Hand Cream

We were up at stupid o’clock on Saturday to hit up the orchards and do some apple picking. The orchard is a two hour drive away so at the butt crack of dawn we were on the road and a little exhausted by the time 11ish rolled around but at least we had apples to last us through the zombie apocalypse.

Actually, crazy but true, I make apple butter. I burn boiling water but one thing I can make is damn good apple butter!

Needless to say we were hungry after our adventures so we hit up Cracker Barrel which is a novelty in itself since we don’t really have it around our area. I absolutely adore the fact that Cracker Barrel has a little country store right in the waiting area. So even if you’re starving and feeling like you’re about to die if you don’t get some waffles and eggs in your stomach immediately you won’t mind the long wait for a table on a busy Saturday morning because you’ll be wandering aimlessly around their little store as you wait for your table! They have cute little bits and bobs, old time candy (holler at me peanut chews), and really unique little finds even beauty ones in some cases.

Which brings me to my purchase of Dionis Peppermint Hand Cream!

I snatched this $6 tube of Dionis Peppermint Hand Cream from the Cracker Barrel store but there is a Goat Milk Skincare official store that carries it an entire array of limited edition Christmas Peppermint bath and body care.

This is one of the truest candy cane peppermint scents I’ve ever tried. It’s slightly sweet yet all crisp, refreshing peppermint! It makes my hands smell incredible to say the least and hecka festive. Plus the formula is quick absorbing, non-greasy, and just hydrating enough to leave my skin smooth and soft.

Best purchase I’ve had in a while.

If you have a Cracker Barrel in your are do purchase one of these hand creams you won’t regret it or grab it online at www.dionisgmskincare.com but I suggest the trip to Cracker Barrel because at least you get the hand cream and the biscuits and gravy too!

Anyone try?

Do share!


This product was purchased
by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 10/29/13 13:32 Teresa dos Santos:

    I gotta get that one, a friend of mine also recommended me to try that hand cream


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