EOS Holiday 2013 Gift Sets

EOS Holiday Lip Balm

EOS creates some cute Holiday 2013 Sets including a new Holiday Lip Balm set that includes three EOS Holiday Lip Spheres so if you’re looking for some sweet Secret Santa gifts or stocking stuffers these are sure to please.

Take a look!

EOS Wedge Pack $4.99

  • Blueberry Acai Lip Sphere
  • Hand Lotion

EOS Wedge Pack

EOS Holiday Lip Balm $7.99

  • Vanilla Bean
  • Pomegranate Raspberry
  • Sweet Mint

EOS Holiday Lip Balm

Both sets are available now at Ulta.com and Ulta locations.

  • 10/14/13 10:51 Shamini:

    I just wish they’d take that blasted ingredient “Linalool” out of their products, so I could use them without looklng like I had an overdone lip job!


  • 10/14/13 11:26 Bethany:

    Lord knows the last thing I need is more of these, but that trio WILL be mine!


  • 10/14/13 16:39 breyerchic04:

    Couldn’t they just release the vanilla bean separately, I already have a mint one and have no interest in the berry one.


  • 10/14/13 22:34 Julia:

    Is the blueberry acai flavor the same one that was released in the LE Alice and Wonderland set? I know that the AIW was blueberry flavored. That is my absolute faaaaavorite EOS – I have quite a few of them, but feel like I only use that one!


    • 10/15/13 9:05 the Muse:

      supposedly it is different julia…the blueberry acai was released a few months ago but not the same blueberry as the alice set but i haven’t compared the two just going by what a few readers had said.


  • 10/14/13 23:13 Ashley:

    I’m an EOS virgin, but the vanilla sounds yummy. I have so many lip products, finally down to the last drop on my CLinque lip repairware spf 25, that stuff is pretty amazing. Worth the $27, really hydrates the lips.


  • 10/20/13 21:49 emilie:

    I cross my finger to have those in quebec really soon !


    • 11/24/13 12:08 joanne:

      i saw them at loblaws/provigo le marché!


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