Etude House XoXo Minnie Nail Polish Review & Swatches

Etude House XoXo Minnie Nail Polish

Meet the new Etude House XoXo Minnie Nail Polish Collection ($5 each) that’s just too cute for words. Etude House teams up with Minnie Mouse this Fall to create her own little makeup collection for eyes, lips, cheeks, and nails! Apparently Minnie is quite the hottest model at the moment as she’s popping everywhere lately!

Available in six shades the Etude House XoXo Minnie Nail Collection is made up of two solid shades and four confetti/glitter shades.

Take a look!

These adorable mini polishes are too cute for words! The two solid shades of pink and red are a gel formula that are opaque with two coats. They have an easy to apply formula that isn’t streaky or uneven during application (I’m no expert of course but application seemed easy and smooth to me!).

Etude House XoXo Minnie Nail Polish Bubble Pink  2

Minnie Bubble Pink Nail Polish (Shade 2)

Etude House XoXo Minnie Nail Polish Minnie Pink Ribbon 4

Minnie Pink Ribbon Nail Polish (Shade 4)

Etude House XoXo Minnie Nail Polish Minnie Red 1

Minnie Red Nail Polish (Shade 1)

Etude House XoXo Minnie Nail Polish Minnie Silver Ribbon 5

Minnie Silver Ribbon Nail Polish (Shade 5)

I have a new found respect for nail bloggers because damn those confetti polishes are hard to apply correctly ha…! I had to keep stroking these and maneuvering the brush around my nail to get the confetti in just the right place. There aren’t only pieces of glittery confetti here but little bows as well so I kept brushing around my nails so the confetti portion wouldn’t cover the bows…it was silly to say the least! But it’s such a cute polish on its own as a clear overcoat or over a colored nail polish!

Etude House XoXo Minnie Nail Polish Swatches

Etude House XoXo Minnie Nail Polish Swatches 2

Etude House Minnie Nail Polish Swatches

Etude House XoXo Minnie Nail Polish 14

Etude House XoXo Minnie Nail Polish 13

One problem…..

Why do the bottle tops have Mickey on them? This is Minnie’s Collection! :)

Etude House XoXo Minnie Nail Polish 10

Needless to say I’m sure polish fans will absolutely adore these cute little pick ups!

F2Plus1 on E-bay has them on sale now as well as on his site He’s a reliable seller that ships quickly and has most of the Etude House XoXo Minnie Collection in stock now!


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  • 10/23/13 11:28 Karina:

    sooo cute, I’m waiting for your reviews of higlighters/blushes 😀 and lipsticks *winkwink*


    • 10/23/13 11:46 the Muse:

      upcoming 😀


  • 10/23/13 12:34 Miranda:

    TOO CUTE! Love the little bows in the glitter top coat :)


  • 10/23/13 15:04 Sara:

    Ahhh the topcoat with the bows is freaking adorable! My sister has a bow obsession, I might need to investigate ordering this polish to give to her with her Christmas present… (I shop early!)


    • 10/23/13 15:12 the Muse:

      this year I’ve been shopping super early myself I bet she’ll love 😀


  • 10/23/13 23:14 Liz:

    How cute! I saw these when I went to Etude yesterday but didn’t look at them on the display. I love the glitter polishes with the bows. I might have to go back and pick those up.


  • 10/23/13 23:38 Shelby:

    omg I need the bow glitter


  • 10/24/13 7:12 Viki:

    I went to get these cuties after you posted the preview. Can’t wait to get mine! 😉


    • 10/24/13 7:59 the Muse:



  • 10/26/13 6:53 zaag:

    WOW! SO CUTE! I was surprised at seeing the bows in the bottle, I had to do a double take!! Asian brands are so kawaii!!


  • 12/25/13 13:18 Ana:

    Really really cut! But, abou the duration, how many days it was on the nails?


  • 1/7/14 1:30 J’suis:

    I got the Black Face version with the little Minnie faces. Tons of compliments. Great product!


  • 1/19/14 15:55 Ashley:

    I, too, got the glitter top coat with Minnie faces. I just tried it today, and I”m really disappointed :( Perhaps I just don;t know what I’m doing… It;s so liquidy, I barely got any glitter on the nail, and dotting it on left me with so much of the clear gel that it gooped up and ruined the Bubble Pink polish underneath :/


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