Juicy Couture La La Eau de Parfume Review

Juicy Couture La La

So maybe Juicy is a little too sweet for you might I tempt you with Juicy Couture La La Eau de Parfume in that case? This quiet little fragrance is for those who thought the original Juicy fragrance was a shy too sweet…!

Playful floral notes mixed with a delicate blend of sparkling mandarin make this a perfect scent for those who want their perfume to turn heads but not necessarily overwhelm or shout out when you enter into a room!

Take a peek!

As a lover of Juicy I was quite shocked how very smooth, soft, and flirty Couture La La Eau de Parfume was. I expected something bright, bold, and fruity floral from Juicy but what I got was a mix of delicate floral notes mixed with fresher fruits to create a very soft, soothing yet complex fragrance.

Housed in a clear crystal cut glass bottle with a big old neon pink bow this is the loudest statement that Couture La La makes because the fragrance itself is a rather peaceful blend!

Juicy Couture La La Eau de Parfume

White floral notes like Water Hyacinth give this fragrance its floral heart with blushing peony, soothing lily of the valley, and a mix of playful fruity back notes of Green Apple, and sparkling Mandarin! The dry down is a smooth woodsy, liquid musk with the floral and fruit notes creating a sweet yet relaxing floral layer that’s flirty, girlish, and and very subtle. It’s a fragrance that will turn heads but not overwhelm!

If Juicys fragrances have been a little too much for you in the past now would be a good time to try Couture La La as it is an entirely different fragrance from the brand.

Loves it!

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