Kardashian Touch Tones Gradient Eyeshadow Palette

Kardashian  Touch Tones Gradient Eyeshadow Palette

I admit I do want to get my hands on the Kardashian Touch Tones Gradient Eyeshadow ($9.99). I’m a suck for gradient anything….!

The Kardashian Beauty Touch Tones Gradient Eyeshadow Palette comes in three shade variations and is made up of eight shades of graduating color eyeshadow that can be worn alone or together to create a variety of looks!

I think they look rather brilliant…! But sure on the quality as I’ve tried a few products from the K Beauty line and wasn’t really loving them.

Kardashian  Silhouette  Touch Tones Gradient Eyeshadow Palette


Kardashian Echo Touch Tones Gradient Eyeshadow Palette


Kardashian Mirage Touch Tones Gradient Eyeshadow Palette



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Available now at Ulta.com

  • 10/3/13 9:36 Celine:

    I’m noticing a lot of texture in eye shadows. Is this the new trend?


  • 10/3/13 9:52 Beauty:

    These are very, very similar to the Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips.


  • 10/3/13 10:13 Sara:

    I agree with Beauty above me, these look just like the Physcians Formula ones. I have a few, including two of the Nude eyeshadow strips plus two of the “green eyes” variety and they’re great, very good eyeshadow quality. On principle, I can’t buy anything with Kardashian on it!


  • 10/3/13 10:19 Kitty:

    These look similar to the Physician Formula Shimmer strips.


  • 10/3/13 10:23 Stephanie C.:

    I agree that they look like Shimmer Strips, but I think I like the colors a lot more in these! I hope they’re decent quality- the purple one looks gorgeous.


  • 10/3/13 10:56 Bailey B:

    Shimmery maroon gradient? Sign me up! Thanks for sharing, I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for these!


    • 10/3/13 11:02 the Muse:

      my pleasure :)


  • 10/3/13 12:49 Simone:

    I’m wondering what the nude and cream colors are. Highlight and transition shades? Are they cream bases? Hmmm..


  • 10/3/13 13:53 Cindy Ramirez:

    I’m really digging the pinkish one, which is weird for me.


  • 10/3/13 19:46 Deb:

    Don’t do it Muse!!!! You are the Muse, you are too good to add to the Kartrashian Empire. Step away from these and come back into the light :)


    • 10/4/13 15:35 the Muse:



  • 10/30/13 11:36 Glamourista:

    Ooh, I love the burgundy one!


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