Lancome Announces Lily Collins New Ambassadress

Lancome Lily Collins Spring 2014

Lancome has announced Lily Collins as the New Ambassadress and face of the brand for the upcoming 2014 season ahead! Embodying Lancome’s effortlessly chic look and joie de vivre, Lily Collins will bring her fresh face and talent to the Lancome family starting January 2014 with the Lancome French Ballerine for Spring 2014 Collection.

Emma Watson put a total fresh and youthful spin on the Lancome brand and Lily follows in her footsteps bringing the brand forward and away from their mature roots to a new youthful audience of beauty lovers out there.

I’m looking forward to Spring 2014 as I think Lily is gorgeous so I can’t wait to see her in some new promo spots.


Do share!

  • 10/1/13 18:18 Ashley:

    She is so beautiful…has the classic Audrey Hepburn feel!


    • 10/1/13 21:48 Nat:

      That was my first thought too! 😀


  • 10/1/13 18:22 Ana Leote:

    I can’t wait to see the collection!



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