Lorac Cococin Cream Foundation Compact Review & Swatches

Lorac Cococin Cream Foundation Compact

Lorac Cococin Cream Foundation Compact ($32) is a new oil-free cream foundation with a lightweight formula infused with Cococin that’s available in eight shades.

I actually had no idea what Cococin was but apparently it’s an ingredient derived from green coconuts that’s contains vitamins and minerals which are hydrating.

Let’s take a look at the new Lorac Cococin Cream Foundation Compact.

Lorac packed there new Cococin Cream Foundation with not only green coconut but anti-aging antixoidants such as Vitamins A, C, and E as well as aloe, red seaweed, phospholipids, and echinacea to promote moist, healthy skin.

I think perhaps Lorac Cococin Cream Foundation Compact isn’t as hydrating or moisturizing as one would expect from a cream foundation compact and I’m quite alright with that. Too many times I find cream foundations such as this have an emollient texture with a greasy feel. They end up feeling like a mask on my skin and I even get a bit itchy at times due to the mattifying texture after they set.

Lorac Cococin Cream Compact

Lorac Cococin Cream Foundation

This isn’t as hydrating as I expected and has more of a satiny, dense texture which tugs a bit when applying. I do suggest a highly moisturizing primer prior for drier skin types. Oily skin won’t mind in the least the drier texture as the satiny finish will absorb excess oil and shine and leave behind a very nice, flawless finish sans shine. It does provide sheerer yet buildable coverage so it will conceal most common issues such as redness, uneven skin tone, minor blemishes, etc…the softer texture will also conceal pores and give a more uniformed, smoother finish to your complexion.

Lorac Cococin Cream Foundation Compact CR3


Lorac Cococin Cream Foundation Compact CR5


Lorac Cococin Cream Foundation Compact Swatches

CR3 and CR5

The compact is a dual compartment one so it features a mirror and the foundation on top with a rubber sponge located in a well at the bottom. I find the best application method is applying with the sponge and gently smoothing over the areas I applied the foundation to with my fingers just to soften the appearance of the foundation on my drier skin. It’s surprisingly not the type of foundation to cling to drier areas which is excellent as I do have drier, patchier areas on my face from tim to time.

It might prove a little misleading for some who are expecting a more emollient textured cream foundation and delight those who have oily skin but aren’t quite convinced that a cream foundation is for them. Wear time was a little iffy for me as my skin ended up swallowing it up and I saw fading within a three hour period so touch ups are a necessary evil.

Lorac Cococin Cream Foundation is available now at Sephora.com and Ulta.com

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