Lush Christmas/Holiday 2013 Collection UK Launch

Lush Christmas Holiday 2013 Collection

Yup, you read that right, the Lush Christmas/Holiday 2013 Collection has launched in the UK today! w00t! No worries it’ll pop up here in the US shortly but for now, if you want, you can go right ahead and order from Lush UK as they do indeed ship worldwide.

Let’s see what they have in store for us (why yes I am rubbing my hands together gleefully!).

Lush Let the Good Times Roll Cleanser (Click here for a review)
We popped corn oil, polenta, maize flour and cinnamon in here. The perfect recipe to gently exfoliate, moisturise and soften your skin for those times when you want to get ready for close-ups.

Lush Let the Good Times Roll
Lush Angel’s Delight Soap (Click here for a review)
One of our Christmas bestsellers that returns year after year, a soap that is bursting with colour and a sweet fruity smell.

Lush Angel's Delight Soap 5
Lush Mr Punch Soap (Click here for a review)
A summer punch soap of juniper berries, gin, blackcurrant absolute and lime oil.

Lush Mr Punch Soap Holiday 2012

Lush Noriko Soap
A delicate, creamy soap dream to calm the mind and soothe your skin.

Lush Noriko Soap

Lush Snow Globe Soap (Click here for a review)
An uplifting lemon myrtle and lemongrass fragrance – a soap that shakes things up a bit.

Lush Snow Globe

Lush Snowcake Soap
Another of our Christmas bestsellers. This soft white soap smelling of marzipan and fruit has people rushing in to stock up as soon as we release our Christmas stock. We’d sell this all year, but then Christmas wouldn’t be so special. Made with a fragrance of rose absolute, cassis absolute and benzoin resin.

Lush Snowcake
Lush Ponche Shower Gel (Click here for a review)

  • Citrus oils, davana oil and buchu are combined to give a tropical fruity, juicy aspect to this fragrance. Feel tropical in the shower for a few minutes and step out with a smile on your face.

Lush Ponche Shower Gel  (1)

Lush Bombardino Bath Bomb
Sit back and relax in a bath of creamy Alpine indulgence. With skin-softening cocoa butter and uplifting Sicilian lemon oil.

Lush Bombardino Bath Bomb

Lush Snow Fairy Sparkle Bar
The idea for Snow Fairy Sparkle came from Claire, our Covent Garden shop manager. She said that she loved the idea of covering people in glitter when giving shop demos – so this product is a bit like a massage bar with a super soft fondant centre, and lots and lots of sparkle!

Lush Snow Fairy Sparkle Bar

Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel (Click here for a review)
Our winter temptress shower hair and body gel that’s bursting with fruit fragrance and has a sparkle of ice through it.

Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel 2
Lush The Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar
This fun bubble bar is modeled on Little Penguins found on Philip Island, Australia – they’re the smallest penguins in the world!

Lush The Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar

Lush Star Light, Star Bright Bath Melt
Catch a falling star and put it in your… bath. We have been working for a long time to make this Christmas bath melt – a shimmering bright star for an extra special bath filled with light and lustre.

Lush Star Light, Star Bright Bath Melt

Lush So White Bath Bomb
An apple a day keeps the doctor away. A bath bomb as pure as the driven snow, with a secret pink centre for a rose coloured bath.

Lush So White
Lush Snowman Bath Bomb
Scented with the same vanilla fragrance as our Butterball bath bomb and loaded with skin-softening cocoa butter.

Lush Snowman Bath Bomb

Lush Sikkim Girls Beautifully Perfumed Body Cream
This beautifully perfumed body cream is one of our first preservative free body lotions. It’s scented with our Gorilla perfume of the same name which was inspired by the Sikkim girls – women so alluring and mysterious that they can seduce a man with just the subtle sway of their hips.

Lush Sikkim Girls Beautifully Perfumed Body Cream

Lush Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb
This one’s for all you star gazers out there, creating a magnificent bath with swirling lustres and beautiful colours. As various and enchanting as the night sky.

Lush Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb

Lush Secret Santa Bath Bomb
Modelled on the original Lush shop, 29 Poole High Street, this is our very own Santa’s grotto! The fragrance was created to emulate the rich smell of essential oils inside the shop.

Lush Secret Santa Bath Bomb

Lush Santa’s Lip Scrub
Scrub and soften with caster sugar, coconut oil and extract of cherries and dates – for kissable Christmas lips.

Lush Santa's Lip Scrub

Lush Santa Baby Lip Tint
The colour red is about as Christmassy as it gets. We’ve made this lip tint just the shade that Mrs. Claus might use to woo her husband.

Lush Santa Baby Lip Tint

Lush Sandy Santa Body Butter
With murumuru butter and shea butter, Sandy Santa is both a body butter and a sugar scrub. We’ve packed him full of butters this year to give a wonderful moisturizing affect, and we’ve also included sugar and sand to smooth and polish your skin.

Lush Sandy Santa Body Butter

Lush Rudolph Fresh Face Mask
Soothe and nourish your skin, with fresh cucumber, oatmeal and tofu. Scented with organic lavender oil, this calming mask will reduce redness and restore nutrients to your skin.

Lush Rudolph Fresh Face Mask

Lush Magic Wand Reusable Bubble Bar
A reusabubble bar star that gives mounds of sweet-smelling foam by simply waving it through the water of your bath! This is a solid version of our best selling Snow Fairy shower gel for those who prefer to bathe.

Lush Magic Wand Reusable Bubble Bar

Lush Golden Wonder Bath Bomb
This bath bomb is like a pass the parcel gift – each layer has something different to offer. This is not for a quick bath because it takes its time, this bath bomb. Its layers of golden lustre, dazzling colours and soluble gold stars are a wonder to behold. First take some time to shake it, listen to the little rattle from within and try to imagine what’s in there. Then drop it in your water and revel in the sweet orange and cognac oils.

Lush Golden Wonder

Lush The Melting Snowman Luxury Bath Melt
Our little snowman is about to shuffle off this mortal coil – but not before you get one last bath from him as he disappears for another year. It is a short but glorious life that our Melting Snowman lives. He may not have long to go, but boy is he going to make a grand exit

Lush Melting Snowman
Lush Buche de Noel Cleanser (Click here for a review)
Feed your face this Christmas with this lovely gentle winter face cleanser. We think skin needs a little bit of extra looking after in the long cold months of winter, so we’re happy to include this cleanser in our Christmas range. We’ve packed it full of things to help your skin survive the cold and wind.

Lush Buche de Noel Cleanser

Lush Candy Mountain Bubble Bar
The fair trade vanilla absolute, sparkling snowflake lustre and creamy cornflour in Candy Mountain make bath time a sweet treat for big kids as well as little kids. We’ve included some of our bubble crumble mix which adds a magical pink mist to the peaks of foaming bubbles.

Lush Candy Mountain

Lush Celebrate Body Lotion
This body lotion shares the same fragrance as our Golden Wonder bath bomb and is the perfect product to wear for a festive night out.

Lush Celebrate Body Lotion

Lush Christmas Eve Bubble Bar
This bubble bar was invented for those times when you are getting ready for a big event. Soak in a bath and relax in mountains of bubbles and rise with a hint of sensual jasmine fragrance lingering on your body.

Lush Christmas Eve
Lush Cinders Bath Bomb
This is a bath bomb to evoke the feeling of sitting by a crackling fireside, drinking a glass of warm fruit punch. Cinders is designed to bring comfort at Christmas. Lie back, letting the water support your body, and listen to the fire as the smell of fruit punch fills the room.

Lush Cinders
Lush Father Christmas Bath Bomb
A bath that gives you all the colours and smells of Christmas, with mandarin oil and orange flower absolute.

Lush Father Christmas

Lush Fun Gold (Click here for a review)
Brand new Fun, invented by Lush co-founder Mo Constantine, has been given a Christmas makeover – it’s encased in golden lustre and is scented with the fragrance of all-year-round product Honey I Washed The Kids. You decide how you want to use it: pinch off a little and lather up for washing body and hair, crumble a small bit under running water for baths or just play with it!

Lush Fun Gold

This is such a wide array of products with many old favorites returning from years past and several brand new products as well! I can’t wait to dig into some of these fabulous treats and stock up on my much beloved Buche de Noel Cleanser!

All are available now at and will launch shortly at Lush US as well!

Anything you love?

  • 10/4/13 10:37 Celine:

    Woah, this will cure my Lush addiction come holiday season! Those snowmen and penguin bath bombs are so adorable.


  • 10/4/13 10:42 Shelby:

    I WANT IT ALL! lol. huge lushie.


  • 10/4/13 11:12 Jill:

    OH MY GOD, I’M GONNA BE BROKE. i’m seriously swooning so hard right now.


  • 10/4/13 12:02 Saira:

    Omg buche de Noel..thank you muse!!! I will make sure to buy 4-5 of it


    • 10/4/13 12:11 the Muse:

      LOL you’re welcome and me ttoo! LOVE IT!


  • 10/4/13 12:36 Jo:

    Bombardino looks so cute! I put all the products I wanted in my basket and I need to wait until I get paid!!


  • 10/4/13 12:42 Phyrra:

    All that lush looks amazing!


  • 10/4/13 12:45 Marlie:

    That fresh face mask is screaming my name! And I am ever so thankful that Let The Good Times Roll has been made permanent. My skin has missed that like crazy!


  • 10/4/13 13:26 LINDARRAGNAR:

    It all looks so great………..bu but but where is the Lil- Lush pud… ;’-(


    • 10/4/13 13:27 the Muse:

      awww I’m sorry that is traditional isn’t it? I hadn’t even noticed it was gone for a sec there you’re right ;(


      • 10/5/13 12:00 LINDARRAGNAR:

        :-) I love the lil lush pud, it is the best scent I think lush has ever made!!

        its ok I am sure in 2 years they will release it again. I still have 2 somewhere in my stash! lol
        No joke Muse, I was cleaning my room and opened a box and found stash of lush products, (a mange body butter bar, a buffy and a snowcake soap) that I had never even used!


        • 10/7/13 13:01 the Muse:

          snowcake 😀 mmmmm! LOL 😀 it happens to the best of us girl!


  • 10/5/13 8:36 Mags:

    Eeep! A cola flavored lip scrub? I think I need that. And snow fairy. And Angel’s Delight. And Let the Good Times Roll. And everything else. That’s it. No one’s getting Christmas presents from me this year. I’ll be busy buying myself one of everything from Lush!


  • 10/5/13 11:00 Tamara:

    I want to take a trip to lush, right now! :)


  • 10/5/13 12:35 Maddy:

    Where’s Twilight shower gel???!


  • 10/7/13 21:59 Becca C.:

    I’ve geeked out over this post several times now. You’re the best, I’m figuring out how much money I need to save before it launches in the US. I was at LUSH on Saturday and talked with one of the girls about the Rudolph face mask. She said the jelly in the middle is meant specifically for your nose. Possibly to help with redness? Definitely looks very interesting, and I might have to pick up more than one throughout the holiday season! I have several other items on my list as well!


    • 10/8/13 9:44 the Muse:

      aw lol I know how you feel Becca 😀 totally drooled over it as well!


  • 10/7/13 22:05 HautePJ:

    I’m going to lose my mind in Lush! I have a huge wicker basket of unused bath bombs and stuff from last holiday. #musemademedoit


    • 10/8/13 9:12 the Muse:

      LOL PJ! :)


  • 10/17/13 16:12 Jenn:

    I went to Lush to smell some of these before buying and I wish I bought the Celebrate lotion because it smelled so good, so I will be definately going back for that! I bought the little penguin bubble bar and the gold Fun. The Fun smells so amazing.


    • 10/17/13 16:14 the Muse:

      yay enjoy jenn :)


  • 9/12/14 13:30 Footiechick:

    When do the christmas lush products come out in the Lush high wycombe store thanks


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