Lush Demon in the Dark Soap Review

Lush Demon in the Dark Soap

A little Lush Demon in the Dark Soap to haunt your shower this Halloween? Lush Demon in the Dark Soap is a long time fan favorite that gets a repromote for the Halloween season as Lush prepares you to meet their Halloween Collection entitled “Creatures of the Baaaaaaaath”.

Have you ever used Lush Demon the the Dark? If not you’re in for a treat.

I happen to LOVE mint in my bath and shower products which is why Lush Demon the Dark Soap gets a Muse Approval. Lush Washday Greens Shampoo is my VERY favorite Lush fragrance….! I wouldn’t typically say green or grass is a note that I like however, Lush adds a bit of mint to all that grassy green and suddenly it becomes magical.

Demon in the Dark quite smells like Washday Greens Shampoo so if you’re hauling the soap might I suggest grabbing the shampoo as well?

This dark, green, mossy marbleized soap isn’t particularly pretty and might just look a little creepy but it smells delightful!

Wrapped in a layer of black wax (just peel it off before you use) you’ll find this little demon packed with fresh mint and organic apple juice. Lush injects it with invigorating peppermint, stimulating spearmint and warming clove bud that gives the soap a minty, crisp tingle in your shower.

For me it smells like just cut grass with a lacing of strong spearmint. It’s delightful to say the least!

And very Muse Approval.

A perfect frightful Halloween soap to grace your shower gel!

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  • 10/7/13 11:06 Rebecca B. Bird:

    Ooh, this scent sounds amazing. I am definitely on board with minty stuff in the shower – the tingle wakes you up!


  • 10/7/13 11:26 MelanieMB:

    One of my favorite Lush soaps ever and my boyfriend’s favorite soap. Before, it was in the permanent range products, has it changed?


    • 10/7/13 11:30 the Muse:

      it’s still perm just repromoted with Halloween :)


  • 10/7/13 12:38 LydiaR:

    This is one of my absolute favorite Lush products! I love it, especially in the summer when its juicy minty goodness feels amazing after a hot day. I used to work at a ren faire, and after spending all day outside in hot sun and dusty areas, this soap cut through all the grime and left me feeling super clean and refreshed.


    • 10/7/13 12:43 the Muse:

      omg dream job that must have been SO FUN!


  • 10/7/13 14:04 Phyrra:

    I love this! How cool!


  • 10/7/13 16:52 Aretsuya:

    Oh finally! My favorite Lush soap gets some Musey love! For me, it smells like my idea of a poisoned apple. Believe it or not, there are apple lumps in this wonderful concoction and the combo of apple and herby mint goodness takes the comfy apple to its more earthy zone. (Most of the time, you see apple with spices/citrus…not that I’m complaining since I’m a big fan of applejack and peel, but it’s nice to see it from a different perspective!)


    • 10/8/13 9:26 the Muse:

      I always get grassy minty green from it aretsuya but now I smell it and I think of poison apple lol! 😀 weird how we all smell things differently 😀


  • 10/7/13 19:09 crotchfairy:

    First found out about Lush while vacationing in Italy back in 2005. That is one soap I will consistently buy just for the smell. That and sea vegetable. It helps that they both look cool, too.


  • 10/7/13 22:53 Braelyn:

    I do happen to love this, smell and sensation is a must have, anyone who hasn’t tried lush before- this and honey I washed the kids is where I started! “Gateway soap” for sure!


  • 1/7/14 2:36 Morrigan:

    and now Demon in the Dark is gone, all gone, from the shops. :(


    • 1/7/14 9:32 Isabella Muse:

      hangs head…! maybe it’ll be back in retro!?


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