Marc Jacobs Lovemarc Lip Gel Lipstick Review & Swatches

Marc Jacobs Lovemarc Lip Gel

Marc Jacobs Lovemarc Lip Gel Lipstick ($30) is a newly launched long wearing, color saturated lipstick with a shiny finish from the new Marc Jacobs Beauty and Makeup Collection that recently became available at Sephora.

So far my experience with the Marc Jacobs Beauty Collection has been quite excellent! I loved the Shameless Bold Blush I tried out and adored the Lip Lock Moisture Balm so it’s no surprise I adore the Marc Jacobs Lovemarc Lip Gel Lipstick!

Take a look!

Marc Jacobs Lovemarc Lip Gel Lipstick

This comes in a simple black magnetic tube. I think the packaging is uneventful on the Marc Jacobs Beauty Collection if I am honest but the contents are anything but.

Marc Jacobs Lovemarc Lip Gel Lipstick is a highly pigmented lipstick with a gorgeous texture that glides onto lips with nary a tug. Gel is a fitting way to describe it as the lipstick has this gel-like texture as it applies that has a rich, creaminess which is comfortable and lightweight all through the wear. The velvety cream texture is made from tropical tiare flowers which are apparently great for moisture.

Marc Jacobs Lovemarc Lip Gel Lipstick Seduce Me

Marc Jacobs Lovemarc Lip Gel Lipstick Swatches

Seduce Me

The lipstick has a high luminous shine and provides opaque color coverage on a single swipe. The cream finish has no sparkle or shimmer yet still provides a sleek, hydrating shine that’s very dramatic and pretty. Supposedly it contains 3-D optical volumizers so lips appear plumping after application. I didn’t experience any sting from the lipstick nor does it have a cinnamon or mint fragrance or flavor which is commonly associated with plumping lip products (this has a subtle vanilla flavor/fragrance). It felt very moist to me through the wear and I got at least five hours out of it before it faded some and left a staining effect behind.

At $30 it isn’t a cheap lipstick that’s for sure but the formula is well worth its higher price tag. Luxurious lipstick like this deserves a spot in your HG (holy grail) drawer.

Marc Jacobs Lovemarc Lip Gel Lipstick FOTD

Loves this.

Muse Approved for purchase.

Highly recommended.

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  • 10/7/13 11:48 Caroline:

    Thank you for your review of this lipstick! I’ve been dying over these since I first read about them in a magazine a month or two ago. The shade Happy Ending (hot pink) will be mine one day, I swear! 😉


    • 10/7/13 12:00 the Muse:

      my pleasure :) def worth the indulgence!


  • 10/7/13 14:06 Phyrra:

    That’s beautiful on you!


    • 10/7/13 14:14 the Muse:

      thanks court :)


  • 10/7/13 16:18 ♥Kay:

    I heard of this Marc Jacobs beauty line but every where I looked it’s not in NZ store yet >.< but if it does gets over here I wanna get this lipstick, the color is so gorgeous ~~ the price is abit too OTT gahh by the time it travel here would cost us like $50-60 gahhhh 😮 Anyways, if it's worth it, I better get it 😉 😉 love your reviews xxx



    • 10/7/13 16:19 the Muse:

      ugh that’s high :( thanks Kay so glad you enjoy Musings! :)!


  • 10/7/13 16:43 Meesha Kaw:

    I like the formula of this lipstick waaay more than Chanel or YSL and it’s a few $ cheaper. This gel lipstick was the only item I bought though to to review from MJ b/c of the steep prices. I am so glad I got the shade Role Play and usually I struggle w/ nudes on my pigmented lips, but Role Play worked out perfectly. Next, I want to get lip gels in Saboteur & Seduce Me… It looks lovely on your skin tone!!! :) Not sure if I can pull it off…


    • 10/7/13 16:47 the Muse:

      role play sounds nice, I’m kinda sorta embracing nudes on my lips (I don’t do well with them as I look like a zombie 😀 I def want more shades, gonna wait for the Sephora FF event to indulge 😀 great lippie, great price!


  • 10/7/13 21:54 Becca C.:

    Love this on you! It’s a gorgeous color.


    • 10/8/13 9:12 the Muse:

      aw thanks necca!


  • 10/8/13 10:27 Ashley:

    This is so your color! You rock it!


    • 10/8/13 10:27 the Muse:

      thanks ashley :)


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