Softsoap Sparkling Berry Bubbly Body Wash Review

Softsoap Sparkling Berry Bubbly Body Wash

Break out the cups I have a bit of Softsoap Sparkling Berry Bubbly Body Wash ($3.48 at Walmart) for you! Ok, it might smell good enough to drink but maybe we shouldn’t go there.

Picturing myself hiccuping bubbles!

But for those on a beauty budget Softsoap Sparkling Berry Bubbly Body Wash is the perfect festive shower gel to get you in the Holiday spirit (even if it’s only Fall)>

Softsoap Sparkling Berry Bubbly Body Wash is one of two limited edition body washes available at Walmart for the Holidays.

This is a thicker body wash which creates tons of lovely lather. It has a fruity sangria-like scent with hints of different red berry notes including strawberry, cranberry, and perhaps a bit of raspberries too! There’s a very soft, soft effervescent to the scent which gives it that festive, fun jolt!

It leaves a very faint subtle kiss of sweetness on skin after my shower but it fades away quickly enough so if you don’t want to smell like a sweet berry after your bath no worries it disappears quickly enough!

I don’t think the scent is limited to the Holidays as it’s a pleasant sweet scent so you might want to grab a back up if you like especially since it’s such a generous size 18 oz bottle at under four bucks!

Perfect cheap thrill!

Loves it!


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  • 10/23/13 16:14 Maki:

    I am really looking forward to finding this and if it’s within an inch of the old Victoria’s Secret Strawberries and Champagne that I couldn’t get enough of in high school, I’m buying it out!


    • 10/23/13 16:36 the Muse:

      lol god yes I used to stockpile VS S&C Maki 😀


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