Stila Masterpiece Series Eye & Cheek Palettes Holiday 2013

Stila Masterpiece Series Eye & Cheek Palettes

Here’s a little sneak peek at the new Stila Masterpiece Series Eye & Cheek Palettes that launched with the Stila Holiday 2013 Collection recently.

Things I love about this palette?

It includes three cute travel palettes and costs a mere $39 so you can break this up into three gifts or keep all three for yourself (no one is blaming you there).

Take a look!

Instead of doing cheaper budget Travel Girl style palettes this year Stila introduced the Masterpiece Series Eye & Cheek Palettes which combines three different palettes into one.

The palettes each contain five shadows each and unlike past Travel Palettes the cheek color included is a powder (not a Stila Convertible Cream) which means less mess during application. They also include a get the look guide with tips and tricks for applying the shades.

You get:
Vol. I The Minimalist Palette:

  • 5 Eye Shadows in Natural Light, Simplicity, Elegance, Subtlety, Balance
  • Cheek Color in Harmony

Stila Masterpiece Series Eye & Cheek Palettes 6

Vol. II The Impressionist Palette:

  • Eye Shadows in Canvas, Pastel, Vision, Watercolor, Movement
  • Cheek Color in Parisian Pink

Stila Masterpiece Series Eye & Cheek Palettes 5

Vol. III The Modernist Palette:

  • Eye Shadows in Glaze, Avant-Garde, Mondrian, Abstract, Charcoal
  • Cheek Color in Nouveau

Stila Masterpiece Series Eye & Cheek Palettes 3

The palettes work out $13 each which is very friendly and comparable to past Stila Travel Girl Palettes which started out at $10 each and worked up to $14 and a bit beyond….so the price is rather nice here. If you’re really strapped for cash this is a nice set to break down and include in little gift bags for friends. Maybe even buy one of the Sephora Holiday Brush Sets and break it apart and include a few of the brushes into each gift bag you create with the palettes. It’s a nice way to give friends the gift of beauty but without over splurging…! And of course, you can find other beauty products like Christmas-y lip balms from Avon for as little as a buck, makeup sponges, etc…and just theme each bag around beauty!

Or do like I am…

Keep ’em ALL for yourself :)

That works too right?

Review and swatches are upcoming on the set!


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  • 10/18/13 4:08 Maria:

    looks like picassos work equipment.
    very cute.


  • 10/18/13 9:38 Christina:

    Saw these at Ulta and, although they are cute, they are all made in China. Usually, the cheaper items like these palettes are made there and that’s an absolute deal-breaker for me.

    I’ve yet to use anything Stila even though the In The Moment, In The Light, and In The Know palettes are very tempting — and made in the USA.


  • 10/18/13 13:40 Simone:

    Ooh I’m loving the look of the minimalist palette. Personally, I don’t care where a product is made, as long as the quality is there. Ill wait to see how these perform. They’re so cute :)


  • 10/21/13 14:45 Melody:

    O.m.g… Can’t resist 3 for that price?! And powder cheek? Thanks! I didn’t even know bout this oh yay!


    • 10/21/13 15:10 the Muse:

      my pleasure :)


  • 10/29/13 15:44 Mari Calikes:

    I don’t think it is fair that the Stila U.K site doesn’t have these palettes cos I love them. If I paid you though PayPal could you post this travel palette set to me? I really like them.


    • 10/29/13 15:58 the Muse:

      I’m not a retail website Mari sorry I just blog beauty.


  • 10/29/13 16:32 Mari Calikes:

    I know,I was just wondering if you would do it for me.


    • 10/29/13 16:45 the Muse:

      sorry mari, taking time out to purchase it, get to the post office, wait in a massive line etc takes time out of my already super busy schedule. I barely have time to breath sometimes :) so def don’t have time to do purchases, mail products out, etc. perhaps check on a makeup forum or a friend in the US, etc..reddit perhaps as well? e-bay? Hope this helps.


  • 10/31/13 19:15 Irene:

    I think this is the cutest idea ever. But i was at sephora in Canada, and they jacked up the prices for Canadians to $59 for this set..
    Not worth $59.

    Great Review, love these holiday sets coming out


    • 11/1/13 9:28 the Muse:

      this isn’t a review Irene just a post about the collection.


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