Tom Ford Anti-Fatigue Eye Treatment

Tom Ford Anti-Fatigue Eye Treatment

Really want to get my hands on Tom Ford Anti-Fatigue Eye Treatment ($75)! It firms, lifts, and diminishes the look of lines and wrinkles with a silver tip applicator that cools and depuffs the delicate skin around the eyes.

I think I need to head to Neimans and grab me somes.

Oh, did I forget to mention it’s for men?

So what…!


  • 10/8/13 11:26 Majick:

    Let me know if it’s worth it. LOL Maybe i could actually get my DH to use it. OH WHO AM I KIDDING? lol he barely puts sunscreen on except when he’s in the kayak. ugh…men. :-)


    • 10/8/13 11:28 the Muse:

      lol! 😀 they just don’t get it do they?


      • 10/8/13 16:26 Majick:

        Nope-a-dope-icus. That’s my new word and it means “no, because they are dopes”😜.


        • 10/8/13 16:29 the Muse:

          word of the day? when you say it we all have to yell and scream pee wee’s play house style?


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