Yes To Naturally Smooth Lip Balm Review

Yes To Naturally Smooth Lip Balms

Say Yes to Naturally Smooth Lip Balm ($2.99) from our friends at Yes to Carrots! Introducing their new Yes To Naturally Lip Smooth Balms that are petroleum and paraben free for a more natural way to enjoy your lip balm!

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Yes To Naturally Smooth Lip Balm

If you’re a chronic lip balm applier you’re sure to love one of these three flavors from the the new Yes To Naturally Smooth Lip Balm Collection. Each balm is packed with moisturizing shea butter, aloe vera that’s rich in minerals and vitamins, cocoa seed butter to keep lips soft and supple, and in some formulas you’ll even get a hint of SPF to protect lips.

Choose from Yes to Naturally Smooth Grapefruit, Yes to Naturally Smooth Pomegranate, and Yes to Naturally Smooth Blueberries Lip Balm flavors. Each flavor as a light subtle kiss of flavor and scent! Pomegranate has an SPF 15 for those looking to soften and protect lips.

Yes To Naturally Smooth LipBalm

These are a balmy texture so be prepared for a heavier lip balm formula when applied. They help sooth my chapped lips and keep my lips nicely hydrated through the wear. And all the deliciously balminess will keep your lips nice and soft well after the balm has worn away!

These are delightful budget picks are available now at or pick up Yes to Naturally Smooth Blueberries Lip Balm exclusively at Target and

Yes To Naturally Smooth Lip Balm 4

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  • 10/22/13 17:59 Sheila:

    How do these compare to EOS lip balms?


    • 10/23/13 9:36 the Muse:

      denser, drier, heavier formula shelia


  • 10/22/13 18:40 Amy Amethyst:

    I want to try these! Especially the blueberry. I have their tinted balm in plum and I really like it. Nice color and feels smooth.


  • 10/22/13 19:09 Mel:

    I just bought the blueberries one online, it hasn’t arrived yet but now I’m even more excite about it after reading your review.


    • 10/23/13 9:34 the Muse:

      let me know what you think Mel!


      • 10/25/13 16:23 Mel:

        It’s really nice! Smells like a blueberry pie and is pretty moisturizing.


        • 10/29/13 12:30 the Muse:

          yay :)


  • 10/22/13 19:33 Lauren:

    Have you tried the Love and Toast lip butters? They’re pretty good, and come in yummy flavors. I picked up the Candy Apple and Ginger Fizz flavors at Whole Foods, but apparently the Love and Toast website offers a bunch of flavors!


    • 10/23/13 9:31 the Muse:

      i have indeed good stuff :)


  • 10/23/13 3:14 Angel:

    Not sure if these are the same formula as the ones in the traditional lip balm tube. I bought a three pack of the Sweet Fig a while back and I really dislike the formula. It feels ok, but it makes my lips white. I can only wear it to bed which defeats its SPF 15 purpose. If I wear it during the day, hubby always asks what the heck is on my lips LOL.


    • 10/23/13 9:25 the Muse:

      it’s def a denser balm and heavier. but thankfully no issues with it looking white on my lips! phew!


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