Algenist Advanced Anti-Aging Repairing Oil Review

Algenist Advanced AntiAging Repairing Oil

Algenist Advanced Anti-Aging Repairing Oil ($79) is my newest obsession! This new treatment oil is marketed as an anti-aging serum with a quick absorbing formula the aids in repairing fine line sand wrinkles over time with microalgae oil combined with ceramides and a brown algae extract,

Take a look!

Algenist Advanced Anti-Aging Repairing Oil

L’Oreal Age Perfect Hydra-Nutrition Glow Renewal Facial Oil has become a staple part of my skincare regime and of course, I’ve used Tarte Maracuja Oil in the past. So you’d think at this point that facial oils are pretty much old hat.

But in comes Algenist Advanced Anti-Aging Repairing Oil and completely changes my mind!

This is a base of algae oil as well as fatty acids and ceramide along with other plant oil extracts. It comes in the standard 1 oz dropper style bottle most facial oils prefer. It has a very light, barely there lemon-y scent that’s quite pleasant yet subtle.

I’ve tried plenty of these facial oils in the past but I have to say Algenist Advanced Anti-Aging Repairing Oil is probably the most hydrating of them all. This has a slippery texture that applies onto skin easily and absorbs in a snap. It leaves my skin SUPER soft, smooth, and supple. As a dry skin user I can appreciate how hydrating this is as your best defense against fine lines and wrinkles is keeping your skin as hydrated and moist as possible and this indeed delivers plenty of moisture to keep duller, drier skin at its peak. I only use it in the evening because it is very rich…! Two drops is all I need for my entire face as well so a little goes a very long way.

Algenist Advanced Anti Aging Repairing Oil

I can’t say I’m seeing anything in the ways of anti-aging benefits, I’ll get back to you in a few years on that…! But I will say my skin looks and feels less lackluster and more alive in the AM. I lack glow and my skin is duller due to dryness this provides much needed moisture to restore my glow and give my skin a more healthy finish!

Needless to say I’m really loving it!

It’s available now at Sephora,, QVC,, or online at

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  • 11/4/13 19:39 Ann:

    I’ve been using this for about a month now. I got turned in to Algenist after receiving a sample of their Eye Renewal Balm in one of my Sephora orders and was totally hooked. So, once my regular serum (Lancome Genifique) ran out, I thought I would give this a try. I am 43, and have in the past year become much more oily than usual in my t-zone; I was hoping that using an oil might help control this. The Algenist Oil is nicely hydrating, and really absorbs well and quickly into my skin, but as far as anti-aging results go, I have honestly so far not seen any results that are better than my previous serum. That said, my skin certainly isn’t worse either. I think that this bottle will last a lot longer than my previous serum; a little goes quite a long way. Unless anything changes for the worse, I will probably purchase again.


  • 11/4/13 20:16 Kylie:

    I’m using this right now actually and I love it as well. I feel like my skin is glowing and just feels super soft. I have oily skin but this works for me as well. My skin actually feels matte when I use it, I guess, due to my skin not producing as much oil with this product. Before I switched to this brand, I was using The Leakey Collection Marula Oil. I love Marula as well. It smells citrusy-woodsy and makes my skin soft as well. I actually saw my skin improve with Marula, less acne and acne scars fading away faster. But I wanted something a little more anti-aging. One night of using Algenist, I couldn’t find my pores the next morning. But of course, I washed my face and there they were. 😛 Sometimes I just use the oil plus my spf moisturizer and go out the door. It’s like having flawless skin without the makeup!


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