Bobbi Brown Old Hollywood Collection Launches

I figure if anyone can pull off old Hollywood glam it would be Libby Masters (Masters of Sex) or Dita Von Teese. Which is why someone should tap them for the Bobbi Brown Old Hollywood Collection this Holiday season!


Take a look!

Bobbi Brown Old Hollywood Lip Gloss $24

  • Siren Red

Bobbi Brown Old Hollywood Lip Gloss

Bobbi Brown Old Hollywood High Shimmer Lip Gloss $24

  • Candlelight
  • Pure Gold
  • Rose

bobbi brown old hollywood shimmer gloss

Bobbi Brown Old Hollywood Eye Palette $75
Shades include:

  • Ivory
  • Golden Pink Metallic
  • Gold Sparkle
  • Opal Sparkle
  • Fog
  • Beige
  • Chocolate Bronze Sparkle
  • Candlelight Gold Metallic
  • Eclipse

Bobbi Brown Old Hollywood Eye Palette

Bobbi Brown Old Hollywood Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick

  • Tuxedo
  • Brown
  • Karat

bobbi brown old hollywood long wear eyeshadow stick

Brown Brown Old Hollywood Luxe Travel Brush Set $135

  • Foundation brush
  • Touch Up brush
  • Dual Ended Concealer/Eye Blender brush
  • Smokey Eyeliner brush
  • Ultra Fine Eyeliner brush
  • Eyeshadow brush
  • Sheer Powder Face brush

bobbi brown old hollywood luxe travel brush set

Bobbi Brown Old Hollywood Nail Polish $18

  • Chrome
  • Siren Red
  • Solid Gold
  • Tuxedo Black

bobbi brown old hollywood nail polish

Bobbi Brown Old Hollywood Beauty Travel Case $220
Bobbi Brown’s elegant travel case takes its cue from old Hollywood glitz. Crafted in pale golden faux leather, it features a glamorous black satin interior. Plenty of interior compartments keep all your essentials safe and organized so travel is a breeze.

bobbi brown old hollywood beauty travel case

The Bobbi Brown Old Hollywood Collection is available now on Bobbi counters or online at

Anything calling out to you?


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  • 11/11/13 13:36 JoElla:

    This launch, really has caught my eye!


  • 11/11/13 15:11 Carol:

    the lipgloss is top.
    high quality!


  • 11/11/13 16:00 SusanT:

    Muse, are you watching “Masters of Sex”? Is it wrong of me to admit that I’m finding Michael Sheen hot now that he’s participating in the study himself? Something about his uptight, repressed Dr. Masters is kind of hot.


    • 11/11/13 16:10 the Muse:

      i didn’t see that episode yet Susan! he does!? LOL whoa! He reminds me of an uptight Mr Darcy 😀


      • 11/11/13 16:18 SusanT:

        Uh, oh, I let the cat out of the bag — sorry! Uh, yeah — whoa, he does. Shocking, no? He gets down — a lot!


        • 11/11/13 16:52 the Muse:

          lol it’s ok! he did say he wanted to be in the study ;-D man needs to let his panties out of the bunch a little bit! damn he’s uptight. He got libby at home in bed and he avoids her like the plague. WTF?!


          • 11/11/13 16:59 SusanT:

            Well, you’ll get to see him let his panties out of the bunch a whole lot! He’s getting jiggy with it in the study, at home, you name it. This episode will shock you. Let’s talk after you see it, okay?

          • 11/18/13 16:14 the Muse:

            ok I purposely didn’t approve this because I wanted to reply and not forget where you commented ;-D I watched but he didn’t get too jiggy with it unless I missed an episode? So far just seen him basically use Libby so he can reboost his time with test time with Virgina, kinda hated him for that! He’s got a gorgeous wife at home and can’t make a little effort?!

  • 11/11/13 18:22 Victoria:

    I swatched the palettes at a counter this weekend and they were awful. Absolutely no pigmentation whatsoever. Very disappointing.


    • 11/13/13 7:26 Ayesha:

      I know!! So sad because this was the one holiday collection I was excited about. The shimmer shadows didn’t show up at all. I am so surprised that a brand like Bobbi Brown would put out produkts with this quality. Gotta say though, I thought for sure that the palettes released in the US would have more pigmentation ( I am in the UK) but apparently the quality of the palette is bad across the board.


  • 11/12/13 23:27 Iris:

    The red lipgloss is so classy looking. I’m tempted.


  • 11/13/13 15:01 mary brenner:

    I must say that ive been So so upset with the quality of the palettes bobbi brown has released lately. I returned the twilight pink one because nothing in it had any color payoff and to hear this collection has the same issue mmakes me sad. I really wanted this shadow palette.*sigh* guess guess I’ll have to spend my money on everybody else. :(:(:(:( sad sad very sad


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