Coastal Scents Neutral Palette Sneak Peek

coastal scents neutral palette

Excited about Urban Decay Naked 3 but can’t WAIT to get your hands on it? The Coastal Scents Neutral Palette is available now and quite a good deal cheaper.

Perhaps it can feed your sweet tooth while you await the Naked 3 launch!

cs neutral palette

The Coastal Scents Neutral Palette ($11.95) contains twenty eight full size eyesahdows in sheer nudes and browns to create that perfect chic nude eye. Plus hey, it’s twelve bucks! Gots to love that right?

You can grab it at

Review and swatches are on the way of it shortly!

Anyone try it?

What’s your favorite nude palette of all time!?

  • 11/19/13 13:06 kim:

    How is the quality? I am always curious about Coastal Scents because their 88 shadow palettes look so pretty! But i have never seen one in person to swatch it.


    • 11/19/13 13:09 the Muse:

      haven’t tried it yet I’ll swatch/review shortly.


  • 11/19/13 13:16 kimkats:

    Oh, wow…. that is SO gorgeous! Can’t wait for swatches – Hope it’s at least decent! 😀 Me likey muchly!


  • 11/19/13 13:20 Amrita:

    Not another neutral eyeshadow palette XD I can’t ever seem to resist them! And for only $12 this is basically telling me it needs to be in my life. I’d love to see an updated post with swatches :)


  • 11/19/13 15:18 lyz:

    Is this comparable to any of the naked palettes?


    • 11/19/13 15:20 the Muse:

      i haven’t compared them, haven’t even swatched this yet as I just got it yesterday in the mail. This is just a little sneak peek post on it! will do review/swatches/post info/details shortly!


    • 11/20/13 19:33 Jackie:

      Of course you can’t compare this to the Naked palettes. It’s way cheaper. I’ve found, though, that the “hotpot” shadows you buy separately & put into an empty palette are EXCELLENT!! And only like $3 apiece! Tons of nice neutrals there, too. I have had them apply and stay on just as good as my more expensive shadows, but I also always use UDPP or some kind of base.
      Also…the Revealed palette has the same shape of pans & similar shades to the Naked palettes, and are great colors. But of course they are not going to be exactly like the palettes that are over $50, but they are darn good shadows & blend/apply like they cost a lot more!!


      • 11/27/13 15:03 Leslie:

        Totally agree w/Jackie on the Hotpot shadows. Much better quality than the pre-made palettes. Nice pigment-the mattes not so much as the shimmers and satins but still fair for the price.
        A couple of months ago, I picked my own 28 shade palette with these when the pans were .98 each. The empty palette to put them in is regularly around $10. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality.
        So last night I got the email from Coastal Scents announcing Black Friday 50% off everything on their website so jumped right in and ordered another 28 colors I’d stashed on my wish list…and could not resist the Revealed palette at half off for $10…darn this addiction!


        • 12/2/13 10:43 Jackie:

          Leslie, we must be twins separated at birth LOL


  • 11/19/13 16:47 Lisha:

    Also check out the new Revealed palette at Coastal Scents! 20 colors so comparable to the Naked!!! and way cheaper.


  • 11/19/13 17:12 Stacie:

    NYX Caviar & Bubbles which is one of the few nude palettes I actually own. Have you watched any Korean dramas lately? Heirs is a winner for being unintentionally hilarious.


    • 11/21/13 16:01 the Muse:

      ooo I love it too Stacie great one. I have not been TOO swamped and have a huge dvd pile of ’em! I’ll add that to my list 😀


  • 11/19/13 22:32 CatG:

    I have this one. It’s okay. However, some of the eyeshadows are disappointing to me and I find they fade pretty fast, even with a primer. There’s no comparison with this and the Naked palettes.


    • 11/20/13 11:49 the Muse:

      aw man :(


  • 11/20/13 1:23 yousoldtheworld:

    I am not a big fan of neutrals, but I do generally like Coastal Scents and I may pick this up…I do want to learn to play nice with neutrals and nudes…


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