Coastal Scents Revealed Eyeshadow Palette Sneak Peek

coastal scents revealed eyeshadow palette 1

The Coastal Scents Revealed Eyeshadow Palette is a brand new budget friendly palette filled with naked, neutral shades of eyeshadow that’s sure to thrill fans of Urban Decay’s Naked Eyeshadow Palette.

I haven’t tried the Coastal Scents Revealed Palette yet myself but I did get it in the mail recently and decided to snap a few photos. I’ll follow up with a review and swatches shortly but take a look, I think you’ll be excited by what you see here!

And P.S. It is $9.99 on sale NOW! Grab it!

coastal scents revealed eyeshadow palette

coastal scents revealed palette

coastal scents revealed

coastal scents revealed eyeshadow palette 4

coastal scents revealed eyeshadow palette 5

Pretty gorgeous isn’t it?

I can’t wait to dig in!

It’s available now at!

I’ll be sure to update shortly with more info!

  • 11/26/13 16:13 AnniLau:

    I’m trying very hard to grab it, along with the Elite brush set and something for my Mom, but the site is not cooperating. After being sent through the initial checkout steps several times, I finally made it to PayPal, but now PayPal can’t get back to finalize my order.

    I can only assume it’s a traffic issue.


    • 11/26/13 22:15 Phuong:

      I can imagine, especially with the 50% off Black Friday deal! I’m trying to get this and some brushes as well, can’t fight the temptation y’know :)


  • 11/27/13 2:55 cat:

    What is the formula like? I don’t want to purchase a palette (even quite cheaply) only to end up with shadows with bad pigmentation.


    • 11/27/13 8:36 the Muse:

      haven’t swatched or played with it yet unfortunately just took pics!


  • 11/28/13 19:14 Olivia:

    This is pretty!


  • 11/29/13 16:38 Galaxia:

    I’ve always been into Coastal Scents eyeshadows and love that they’ve hopped onto this “naked” train :) What a great price, too.


  • 12/3/13 17:49 Jennifer F:

    Just rcvd my palette and it is AMAZING!!! Very soft and buttery and the colors are just perfect for subtle everyday eyes to super dramatic smokey eyes. I am THRILLED!!! I also purchased the 22 piece brush collection and it is also AMAZING!! Don’t let the low, low price fool you into thinking it will be of poor quality, it is not!!! It’s actually of better quality than some more expensive brushes I’ve purchased. Of course I still need to wash them and use them to be sure but that is my initial impression after seeing at how the brushes are shaped and formed. I’m doing my happy dance and you will too if you get these two items!!!


    • 12/4/13 10:08 the Muse:

      HOOORAY glad to hear it Jennifer :)


  • 1/1/14 23:44 ParadigmRouge:

    I REALLY want to try this palette. I missed the $9.98 sale, and didn’t want to spend the full $20 for it. Now, they have everything on 40% and the palette is out of stock. I am so annoyed that I’m missing out on this awesome find.


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