Covergirl Bombshell Volume by LashBlast Mascara for Spring 2014

covergirl bombshell volume mascara

Covergirl Bombshell Volume by LashBlast Mascara gets an early Spring 2014 launch today kids. If you’re a Covergirl Lashblast Mascara lover (I’m not, no offense!) you’ll want to get your hands this.

Covergirl Bombshell Volume by LashBlast Mascara is a two step formula that combines extreme volume with an intensifying top coat to create sexy bombshell lashes. Simply apply the extreme volume base coat and follow up with the intensifying top coat for longer, full, more dramatic lashes!

I must admit Lashblast Mascara is always very disappointing so I’m unsure how it’ll go with Covergirl Bombshell Volume Mascara but I am more than willing to try so expect a review shortly.

It launches in drugstores shortly and is available via Covergirl’s site now at


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  • 11/18/13 13:48 lyz:

    Not excited about this. I like Maybelline mascaras better.


  • 11/18/13 14:12 Deb:

    Oh Muse, I’m bummed you don’t like Lash Blast. I have about 50 mascaras lurking around; some I bought and some GWP. I feel like I have tried everything on the market; low end to high end. Lash Blast is the ONLY mascara that doesn’t clump or flake on me. And the Clump Crusher works too, but just doesn’t give me quite the length and volume of the good ole original. I’ve been using Latisse for a few years and it did wonders with my lashes. Especially as lashes thin out with age. When the Latisse returned my lashes to full, thick glory I assumed most any and all mascaras would just work. How silly was I? In makeup, I think mascara is the most challenging product of all. I dunno why that is, but it never ceases to amaze me how you can pay huge bucks for a mascara and it sucks, and pay next to nothing like Lash Blast and it is the bomb. Let’s go a quest to solve the mystery of mascara! That could be a whole series for you :) Here’s to hoping you review this one….I count on your reviews more than you know.


    • 11/18/13 15:53 the Muse:

      you’re lucky! none of them work great for me :( you’re lucky!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 I def will review and hopefully it’ll be a GO for me 😀 right now I’m on my Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes kick but I change mascara favs as often as I change my lipstick color (daily! ha!).


  • 11/18/13 15:33 Clio:

    I have a serious problem in that I can’t pass up a new mascara without trying it! I’m like a bad chronic dater… I just have to try it just in case it turns out to be “the one,” even though it almost never is, haha. Only issue is that my makeup bag is filling up with all the fat, tubular packaging. Come on, make skinny tubes of mascara popular again, I have no more room!


  • 11/18/13 15:34 alyssa897:

    I cannot wait to get this! I love the packing the most, but I am also a fan of the LashBlast mascaras. I usually have to use a combo mascara, one with a rubber wand and one with bristles, to get the look I want, and this has both! Easy peasy, can’t wait to try it!


  • 11/18/13 19:23 Lacy:

    Just saw an add for this in my Instyle mag and was at the Christmas Tree Shop this morning and they had this so of course I snagged it up. I’m a mascara whore. As soon as a new one debuts, I must go try it. There’s no containing my addiction. I hope this turns out well. I don’t have too many qualms about mascara as some high end and majority of drugstore brands make my lashes look fabulous (but while not trying to brag I have been blessed by the lash fairy with long lush and curled lashes – i get asked constantly if they’re real and if I curl them…) My HG is L’oreal Millionlashes original and the new excess millionlashes. I like the separation and length I get from rubber bristle brushes but love the added curl and volume I tend to get from bigger normal bristles so the duo in this shall be interesting.

    Can’t wait to see your review Muse! And can’t wait to try mine. I’m currently stuck on Tartes Lights, Camera, Flashes but do reach for YSL babydoll, Lancome definicils or my good old L’oreal Millionlashes…


    • 11/21/13 16:12 the Muse:

      i’m quite curious about it lacy seems promising!


  • 11/22/13 17:02 Lacy:

    I haven’t tried mine yet so im looking forward to your review!!


  • 11/25/13 21:29 zelle:

    Just tried this mascara today. It’s absolutely awesome! Definitely lengthened and volumized my lashes without weighing them down. No smudges nor flakes after wearing for 12 hours. No clumping either. So far so good!


  • 12/26/13 21:33 kandace:

    I am very disappointed with this mascara…first of all it didn’t do anything special for my lashes…second.l, I COULDN’T get it off…with ANYTHING!!!!


  • 1/30/14 23:00 JAN SMITH:

    The Cover Girl Bombshell mascara is terrible ! the length of both ends is not long enough to get a full stroke on the lashes. It clumps very bad. I hate it !!! lucky I had a $3 dollar coupon I would be really mad if I paid the full $8.


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