Decorate Your Christmas Tree with Makeup Ornaments

I Love Makeup

My Christmas tree is a homage to my geekhood. Star Wars, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings are just some of the festive ornaments that make up my tree.

But I also have a few beauty ones too! Because what’s a Christmas Tree without a little of our addiction throw in?

Here are some great ornaments to display your love of makeup!

Nordstrom Lipstick Ornament $12

Nordstrom Lipstick Ornament
I Love Makeup and Nail Polish Ornament (via Etsy) $12.25

I Love Makeup
Hot Lips Ornament $14.95 (via Etsy)

Hot Lips Ornament

Lipstick Glass Ornament

Glass Lipstick Ornament

Henri Bendel Crystal Lipstick Ornament $24

Henri Bendel Crystal Lipstick Ornament
Fashion Avenue Glass Vixen Red Nail Polish Christmas Ornament $7.99

Nail Polish Christmas Ornament
How do you decorate your tree?

Any special ornaments you have?

Do share!


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  • 11/5/13 12:08 Simone:

    Oh. My. Gosh.
    Dat sooo kewtt!

    I want some!

    U should post a pic of ur tree come Christmas time!@


  • 11/5/13 23:53 Kitsch Vixen:

    I have to run the makeup themed ornaments by the hubby, but we’re planning on decking our halls with Doctor Who themed things as well! I know you have some Daleks (the red Dalek matches the one from my half-sleeve tattoo!), but did you see that ModCloth carries a TARDIS ornament now?!


    • 11/6/13 7:32 the Muse:

      wow your tat must be awesome! 😀 I have both Tardis ornaments also have the k9 and cyberman plus the new 50th and Matt Smith one 😀


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