Dior Diorific Jewel Manicure Duo Review & Swatches

dior diorific jewel manicure duo

Dior Diorific Jewel Manicure Duo ($39) is probably one of the biggest nail polish surprises I’ve come across the season. This shimmering nail duo is available for a limited time with the Dior Golden Winter Holiday 2013 Collection. The set was inspired by the colors and the grand majestic of the Palace of Versailles.

At a glance I was worried how messy it would be to apply and I also felt the colors were slightly mismatched. But boy was I surprised.

You NEED this set.

dior diorific jewel manicure duo swatches

The set includes a Dior Vernis in 312 which is a festive shimmering light gold. Also included is a bottle of crystals, a funnel, and a small tray. Now at a glance the crystals threw me off as they didn’t look like they’d go very well with the beautiful gold polish in the set. They appear to have a lighter blue color but if you look close enough they are actually a clear, translucent shade.

You can of course use the gold on your nails only but applying the crystals on top will give your manicure a 3D caviar finish. The crystals end up showing a little bit of the gold peeking out so your nails look like a shimmering Christmas ornament. It’s such a pretty look and so easy to create endless looks with as you can paint all your nails with the gold shade and just perhaps do your pointer finger only with the crystals. Or if you’re daring enough perhaps just the tips of your nails! Let your imagination run wild with how you can use these!

Dior included a plastic tray and a funnel so you can the most out of the crystals. Simply apply a coat of the gold and allow it to set. It’s almost completely opaque with a single layer but apply the second layer for the best intensity. After the second layer, prior to letting it dry, simply hold your nail over the tray and sprinkle the crystals on! Now pat them gently into place. I imagine you can apply a top coat to set them completely if you like!

dior diorific jewel manicure set


A gorgeous, golden crystallized nail look for the Holidays!

The set is available now at Dior counters and at Macys, Saks, Lord & Taylor, and Nordstrom.


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  • 11/21/13 14:59 Lisa:

    I love the look of this, but I always feel like I would destroy this the second I reached into my bag for anything…or someone shook my hand, or whatever. And how would it look once some of the crystals started popping off?


  • 11/21/13 15:20 AnniLau:

    This would drive me insane. I can’t even stand to have nail polish on my fingernails for more than a day or two before I start picking at it.


  • 11/21/13 16:40 Al:

    Thanks for this, Muse! I’m a total nail gal and yet I barely even noticed this set when I first saw Dior’s holiday collection. I definitely NEED this!


    • 11/21/13 16:54 the Muse:

      I think at first look it’s kinda uneventful but once I tried it I was like whoa!!!!!!!!!!!!!! coolness ;-D


  • 11/21/13 18:27 Audrey:

    OMG. Stunning!


  • 11/22/13 9:31 Abbey W.:

    What a gorgeous look for a holiday party!


  • 11/22/13 10:33 Ashley:

    Wow that really is gorgeous. Have you tested them on your nails? How do the crystals hold up under normal wear?


    • 11/22/13 10:48 the Muse:

      just as a pedicure, I have it on about eight days now and it hasn’t really chipped off at all!


  • 11/26/13 1:18 Quinctia:

    …I want a holiday Dior polish just for the bottle.


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