Jordana Made to Last Liquid Eyeliner Pencil Review & Swatches

jordana made to last liquid eyeliner pencil

Not ever shade of Jordana Made to Last Liquid Eyeliner Pencil ($2.49) was built to last but the ones that are, well, they are a cheap thrill well worth picking up!

You won’t believe these swatches.

Jordana Made to Last Liquid Eyeliner Pencil is a new eyeliner that launched in six shades a few months ago.

These promise a twelve hour wear with intense color pay off and a smooth, creamy, water resistant formula that’s paraben free and made in the USA.

I’d like to the formula to Milani Liquid Eye Eyeliner and considering Jordana and Milani are sister brands I wouldn’t be surprised if they aren’t spot on dupes. I hate to compare it to such an incredible pencil but fact is these are just as creamy and delicious as Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliners and at a fraction of the cost.

I tried out all six shades I all performed fairly well but I admit the more essential shades had the longest, strongest formula. Expresso is a rich brown with a creamy texture that has at the least 14 or more hours of wear even in a hot, humid lounge jumping around to your favorite Indie bands (believe me I know, I tried it). Black Point is a rich creamy black with the same awesome results. They apply without tugging and set to a slightly glossy finish with a strong wear that doesn’t smudge or flake away on my drier eyes. They have a fairly decent waterline wear as well at around five hours with fading around hour six.

jordana purple fix made to last eyeliner

Purple Fix

jordana aqua stone made to last eyeliner

Aqua Stone

jordana black point made to last eyeliner

Black Point

jordana charcoal defintion made to last eyeliner

Charcoal Definition

jordana espresso last made to last eyeliner


jordana jade jewel made to last eyeliner

Jade Jewel

jordana made to last liquid eyeliner pencil swatches

Jade Jewel, Black Point, Espresso Last,  Charcoal Definition, Purple Fix, Aqua Stone

Some of the colors shades I wasn’t as impressed with like Aqua Stone and Purple Fix which didn’t migrate or smudge but they had less of a vivid color pay off and didn’t work on my waterline as well as the essential colors.

These pack staying power that’s for sure. Try drawing on your arm and allowing the color to set for a few seconds. Now try washing it away….HARD to do. Countless washings won’t remove it and water doesn’t budge it either. It might fade but tons stays behind too so have your favorite oil based eye makeup remover handy to remove these bad boys.

Where can you get a long wearing creamy eyeliner for under three bucks?

These are a golden find.

Muse Approved.

Do pick them up your next trip to Walgreens or grab them online at


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  • 11/12/13 20:25 Paola:

    thanks for doing a post on these Muse! they are def a drugstore gem…i have like 2-3 of the black lol


    • 11/13/13 16:15 the Muse:

      my pleasure chica 😀 ha I might need backups too at this price!


  • 11/12/13 21:53 Arzu Gunther:

    I love Jordana’s eyeliners and how inexpensive they are. Thanks for the swatches. Your site is amazing and my “go to” for product reviews!


    • 11/13/13 16:14 the Muse:

      aw thanks Arzu 😀


  • 11/12/13 22:43 eb:

    I bought Black Point a few weeks ago at Walgreens. It does, in fact, glide on easily and has beautiful, pitch black pigmentation. However, I have oily lids and the color did transfer to my under eyes after 2-3 hours.


    • 11/13/13 16:14 the Muse:

      aw crap! sorry eb :( it sets beautifully on my dry eyes!


  • 11/13/13 8:48 kellly:

    Wow, thanks for the great review! I will have to find some of these!


    • 11/13/13 9:20 the Muse:

      my pleasure!


  • 11/13/13 13:30 Caroline:

    I love these! I’ve bought every shade except Charcoal Definition. They’re quite a bargain, and I love the way they glide on and stay put. Thanks for the review! :)


    • 11/13/13 14:52 the Muse:

      my pleasure glad to hear you adore them too!


  • 11/13/13 21:10 Joanna M:

    I am in love with these eyeliners. Great swatches!


  • 11/14/13 15:55 CatG:

    I like the swatch of Charcoal Definition! I’ve never bought anything from the brand, but will have to go to Walgreens and check out if they carry it!


  • 11/15/13 3:07 Julie:

    I, too, love these liners, however, when I apply them to tightline my upper and/or lower lid, the eyeliner catches on my contacts and makes vision unbearable. Does anyone else have this problem, or know how to correct it?


  • 7/3/14 12:41 Danadoo:

    These are amazing…in fact, they are so good I’m surprized at the price! I use the black for my water line and sometimes get just a little smudging after a few hours, which also happens with the UD 24/7 liners. I feel much less upset about that when I’m not paying 20 dollars a pop for an eyeliner. Honestly, these are so cheap and soooo much better than many other brands, including high end ones!


  • 4/22/15 17:03 chemi:

    Lovely shades and swatches ^_^ nice review


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