Josie Maran Peppermint Bear Naked Nail Wipes Holiday 2013

Josie Maran Peppermint Bear Naked Nail Wipes

Why can’t they have these Josie Maran Peppermint Bear Naked Nail Wipes in the facial wipe formula? I’d buy ’em…mmm but I guess peppermint would agree with the skin on our faces but it would be a fun idea yes? Guess I’ll have to stick to La Fresh wipes for my mint fix.

But for the nail girls….!

Josie Maran Peppermint Bear Naked Nail Wipes ($9 for 20 wipes) are a minty scented nail wipe that removes nail polish while repairing dry cuticles and promoting healthy nails and yes, they smell like peppermint.

I want these…..!

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  • 11/5/13 10:03 Kimmwc03:

    The original ones are the worst polish removers I’ve ever tried. You might as well just buy them to make your hands smell nice since they do such a terrible job at removing polish.


    • 11/5/13 10:06 the Muse:

      EEP! I never tried the peppermint caught my eye though! :(


      • 11/5/13 15:33 StyleLynn:

        The original Josie Maran Bear Naked Nail Wipes are now the only form of nail polish remover I will use. I think they smell great and I have never had any issue removing any type of polish with them. I have already ordered the peppermint ones and can’t wait to try them out :)


  • 11/5/13 17:37 stef b:

    This is the best nail polish remover! I use one pad for all ten fingers (unless there is glitter involved)! yum, peppermint!


  • 11/5/13 20:28 Libby:

    I’ve used the original Josie Maran ones and I have to say, they really don’t work for me. I’ve tried removing OPI/Essie nail polishes and they were an utter fail. The ones that are AMAZING are the Crabtree & Evelyn ones! They are seriously fantastic, Muse. You need to get your hands on them if you haven’t already!! Plus, they aren’t scented and while there’s a bit of an oily residue, I treat it as cuticle oil ;D


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