Laura Mercier Brilliant Glace Review & Swatches

laura mercier brilliant glace

Laura Mercier Brilliant Glace ($24) is a twist on Laura’s popular (and my favorite) Lip Glace Lipgloss formula. The new Brilliant Glace Lipgloss is available in three, limited edition shades with the White Magic Holiday 2013 Makeup Collection that recently launched.

As a long time fan girl of Laura Mercier Lip Gace formula I was quite excited to see what Brilliant Lip Glace would bring to the table.

Here’s some thoughts!

Laura Mercier Brilliant Glace is basically Lip Glace’s younger, sheerer sister. This has the same lightweight, non-sticky with a slight tack texture as the original Lip Glace but has a more translucent color pay off with a prismatic shiny finish.

The Lip Glace formula is typically quite pigmented and acts as more of a hybrid lipstick/lipgloss formula but Brilliant Glace takes out a sheerer, lighter texture with more sparkle as hey, there aren’t really a ton of Lip Glace’s with the finish. I tried two of the three limited edition shades and I admit I still prefer the original Lip Glace formula but these are a refreshing change. If the original formula is too pigmented for you and you wanted something sheer with more sparkle the Brilliant formula is for you!

laura mercier brilliant glace nude prism

laura mercier nude prism brilliant glace

Nude Prism

laura mercier brilliant glace rose prism

Laura Mercier Rose Prism Brilliant Glace

Rose Prism

laura mercier brilliant glace swatches
Rose Prism and Gold Prism

These shades have a beautiful prismatic finish which catches the light in a certain way and makes lips look way more shimmery than they actually are. I tried two shades one of which was Rose Prism. This actually give lips a fairly lovely rosy finish along with beautiful sparkle! The other shade I tried was Nude Prism which looks like a sandy bronze in the tube but applies with a light touch of gold on lips. This is a shade that would make a wonderful overcoat to a red lipstick.

Brilliant Glace is a lovely little change from the original formula. I do prefer the original to be honest as I adore how pigmented it is but if you desire shimmer and a lighter texture with a light catching finish you’re sure to adore these.

They are available now at Laura Mercier counters as well as online at

Tried them?

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  • 11/14/13 6:46 telle:

    i have yet to try a LM Lip glace but nude prism sure has my name all over it…..! GORGEOUS!! LOVE IT! Although it seems like it is a shade in a formula that is easily replicatable and less expensive, so maybe i will give an original formulation a whirl….! 😀


    • 11/14/13 9:21 the Muse:

      get one of the awesome glace sets from the Holidays telle! great way to try a few shades 😀


  • 11/14/13 10:07 Ashley:

    hnnnnnggg i just got the nude lip glace set but this is so pretty :(


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