Lush Sikkim Girls Beautifully Perfumed Body Cream Review

Lush Sikkim Girls Beautifully Perfumed Body Cream

Lush Sikkim Girls Beautifully Perfumed Body Cream ($29) is a unique body cream made with jasmine flower that Lush recently introduced with their Christmas/Holiday 2013 Collection.

For those Gorilla Perfume fans out there you’ll recognize the Sikkim Girls fragrance as it was a perfume prior to the idea of a Perfumed Body Cream ever was thought up! This is fabulous if you love the Sikkim Girls Perfume as now you have a body cream to pair up with your favorite scent.

Take a look!

Lush Sikkim Girls Beautifully Perfumed Body Cream is a unique fragrance experience. Let’s face it, Lush’s unique blends are one reason that keeps us coming back for more. There’s something powerful about a fragrance that’s so unique that no one has really smelled it before which in turn gets you many compliments from friends, family, even strangers asking, “What is that you’re wearing?” When it comes to Lush I’ve experienced that many, many times because some of their scents are just not as common as what you’d find from even the finest of fragrances.

Sikkim Girls is such a scent.

Lush Sikkim Girls  Body Cream

I’d liken this every SO SLIGHTLY to Lush Godiva as the dominate note here is fresh cut jasmine flower. They blended in vanilla pod as well as Darjeeling tea to make a complex, sultry scent that leaves behind an incredible throw and linger. The base is a cocoa butter so you get that very faint back note of chocolate. Floral notes are abound in this exotic fragrance so along with jasmine you’ll get frangipani and tuberose.

On some levels it reminds me of an exotic patchouli blend but without the stinky hippie elements. More erotic and sensual with warm flower notes that reminds me of being at the beach in Hawaii after it rained. It’s sexy but flirty and innocent!

The lotion is a heavier body cream so like Celebrate it absorbs fast but leaves skin feeling very emollient. If you have drier skin it’ll be idea to sooth it! I’d liken the texture to Lemony Flutter.

The scent lasts for hours and hours even without pairing up with the perfume! So a little massaged into your arms will literally last all day so you can skip perfume completely and use this in its place!

It’s lovely to say the least and ALL unique.

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  • 11/8/13 0:47 Sarah:

    Muse, will you also review Sandy Santa? It’s newly formulated and our fingers worked very hard to press them! :) Also, Santa Baby lip tint??? And Starlight Star bright??? Thanks!


    • 11/11/13 13:50 the Muse:

      doing my best sarah :)


  • 11/10/13 0:22 Lindsay:

    My mom and I both tried this on in the store and while I didn’t love it when I first put it on by the time we left it smelled beautiful. Mom’s and mine smelled totally different from each other at that point and we both perfered our own versions of it! That night after washing my hands at least twice it was still so strong I couldn’t sleep with my hands under my head because it was overwhelming. I liked it but didn’t love it because it was so strong and sat on my skin a bit too much for my tastes.

    I’ll most likely get it for her for Christmas since she adored the smell and her hands are dryer than mine. I’m hoping it’ll finally convince her to put lotion on more often!


    • 11/11/13 15:23 the Muse:

      it’s so odd how scents work differently on a different body chemistry right? 😀


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