MAC Stroke of Midnight Mineralize Brush Kit Review

MAC Stroke of Midnight Mineralize Brush Kit 8

You NEED the MAC Stroke of Midnight Mineralize Brush Kit! This set contains four mini MAC fiber brushes for face and eyes plus a makeup bag for traveling with them.

Check it and find out why it’s my favorite (just a note, I just realized that I didn’t take photos of each brush. I’m working on 90 minutes of sleep here (too much Halloween partying does a blog bad) and this morning at stupid o’clock aka 5 AM when I was writing this post I noticed I forgot to take the pictures of the brushes! I’ll be sure to update shortly, sorry).

MAC Stroke of Midnight Mineralize Brush Kit

MAC Stroke of Midnight Mineralize Brush Kit is one of several new brush sets that released with the MAC Holiday 2013 Collection. This year MAC went with black, white, and gold accents for their brush sets. I’m not particularly fond of the makeup bag which has a color block-like design featuring an all black casing and white and gold accents. This isn’t really my style bag as it’s more of an elegant print and I like something more fun and cutesy, that’s just the type of girl I am. But it is nice enough. It’ll hold brushes safely however, it does not contain any pockets. It’ll be good for using as a wallet as well since it’ll store cash nicely and perhaps smaller makeup essentials.

MAC Stroke of Midnight Mineralize Brush Kit 7

MAC Stroke of Midnight Mineralize Brush Holiday 2013

MAC Stroke of Midnight Mineralize Brush Set

Inside you’ll find four mini MAC brushes which include:

  • 187 Duo Fiber Face brush
  • 159 Duo Fiber Blush brush
  • 286 Duo Fiber Tapered Blending brush
  • 287 Duo Fiber Eyeshadow brush

You’ll likely remember my rave of past brush sets like the MAC Perfectly Plush Mineralize Brush Set from last year which I loved equally as much as this one. I just adore the fiber brushes because I’m heavy handed and these brushes pick up just the right amount of product and allow me to apply it evenly on my cheeks and eyes. I can never really overdo my makeup when I’m using fiber brushes. The brushes are also particularly great for using with mineralize MAC products like Mineralize Eyeshadow and Mineralize Skinfinish as these all have heavy duty shimmer and the lighter less dense bristles of these brushes allow for easier application of the products without over doing the shimmer that tends to be loaded into this facial and eye products.

The handles on these are white with a gold ban and a black tip. They are a bit lightweight and not as heavy as say the new It Cosmetics Heavenly Brush Set ones. I’m unsure if I’d consider this a bad thing….it doesn’t really hinder application and they seem sturdy enough they won’t fall apart plus I have a set like this already and have been using those brushes for the past year without an issue. The bristles are soft, shed-free, and just as nice as the full size in my humblest.

Overall, it’s a fantastic set! If you like fiber brushes it is a must have and a Muse Approved brush set. However, if you have last year’s set you might not really need to haul this again as MAC included the same brushes as last year but just with a different bag and design on the handles. But for those experiencing MAC Holiday Collections for the first time I do recommend adding this to your list.

It’s available now at MAC counters as well as online at



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  • 11/1/13 12:55 Mary:

    I have this set and the face brush sheds everywhere, especially the black bristles. The blending brush feels like something sharp is poking me in the eye. I’m really disappointed, i hope i can return it.


    • 11/1/13 14:00 the Muse:

      wow I didn’t experience that at all! Sorry to hear it :(


    • 11/14/13 23:36 Amy:

      I feel the same something just keeps poking me! So disappointed I was hoping these were better quality I find they of shed a lot. Overall not impressed


    • 11/19/13 15:43 wendy:

      My blending brush is very rough too :( It’s very scratchy! The rest are ok. Very disappointing to say the least!


  • 11/1/13 19:35 Joy:

    LOL at stupid o’clock! If you are running on 90 minutes of sleep, that means you did the Halloween partying right. Like you mean it, ya know? That gets a standing ovation from me! 😀

    Not loving the black/gold/white colorway myself, but the eyeshadow blender looks interesting!

    Have a good & restful weekend!<3 😀


    • 11/4/13 12:16 the Muse:

      majorly ;-D had a massive party. hehe how was yours!? aw thanks chica <3!


  • 11/2/13 19:26 Nikki Smith:

    I love the bag very art deco.


  • 1/11/14 22:12 Dominika:

    Do they say where they were made? Mine say made in china on the back. Is that correct?


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