MAC Viva Glam Spokesperson Rihanna for 2014

Riri Hearts MAC Summer Collection

Rihanna is the new MAC Viva Glam Spokesperson for 2014 (launch date set for January 2014). No great surprise there eh? Rihanna is having the longest run with MAC than any other celeb relationship in the past!

  • 11/1/13 15:50 Melissa:

    Seriously sick of seeing Rihanna associated with MAC. =\


    • 11/1/13 18:47 Debster:



    • 11/1/13 21:32 amy:

      I’m not a fan myself, but from what I’ve read, she actually wears MAC, and she’s gorgeous, so why not? I’d rather see her than someone just taking a check & posing for photos, yet doesn’t even wear the brand.


    • 11/2/13 13:02 LINDARRAGNAR:

      Me too! Rihanna is very beautiful but I want to see another celeb with MAC!


    • 11/3/13 14:26 Fleur:

      I agree with you Melissa. I don’t have anything against Rihanna (I quite like her music), but seeing her associated with MAC makes me want to buy the products a little less for some reason..


      • 11/4/13 18:16 Cindy Ramirez:

        I’m sort of the opposite I suppose. I’m not a fan of her music at all, but I really enjoy seeing her associate with MAC. Maybe I’m just hoping they’ll keep Riri Woo (My HG Red Lippie) around as long as she’s around. That’s gotta be it. Hehe


  • 11/1/13 18:43 JuiceyJay:

    I think its good for Rhianna idk why everyones hating its only for a yr lol there are plenty of old Viva Glams that are permanent that are quite lovely and go for the great cause still!


  • 11/2/13 3:15 Sherry B.:

    Is anyone else as sick of looking at Rhianna as these campaigns have made me?


  • 11/2/13 3:45 dia:

    This seems redundant, given that she already has products named after her.

    Still, it’s a good cause and maybe the color will be good? I’m hoping for something dark and berry-ish!


  • 11/2/13 9:21 kellly:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one! She has been autotuned and Chris Browned too much for my liking. She was great with Pon de Replay but I don’t even know what her real voice sounds like any more. Too much!


  • 11/2/13 10:57 Darinka:

    This will probably lead to a MAC embargo for me. Seriously, she isn’t exactly the poster child for social responsibility and the whole limited edition frenzy for so-so products is tiresome. MAC needs to put more energy into a stable of superb products, rather than the continuous parade of indistinguishable special releases. I’m so disappointed.


  • 11/3/13 2:36 Genesis:

    Seriously what that hell they ran out of celebrities tired of her already lol so I bet we getting another damn lipstick that looks like something else mac already has lol


  • 11/3/13 21:33 Marie:

    Rihanna is very pretty. It is so nice to know that Riri is the new MAC Viva Glam Spokesperson for 2014.


  • 11/4/13 10:49 No Name:

    Looks like I will not be buying anything MAC.


  • 11/4/13 14:11 No name:

    The concept of viva glam is nothing to do with the spokespersons lifestyle, it’s how passionate they are about the cause is all that matters, 100% of the proceedings of these lipstick go to an extremely great cause for men, women and children suffering with HIV and aids and if Rihanna can ….and will (I may add) raise thousands for that cause I totally look up to her , I wouldn’t be her biggest fan by all means but she’s taught highly in Mac ,and if people are ignorant to stop purchasing MAC because of this it’s there loss


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